Aries Traits

Aries often have a characteristic drive and willpower. If they say they are going to get something done they won’t stop until it’s completed. They are passionate, forthcoming and assertive but have to watch their fiery energy as it can quickly turn into aggression. Overall Aries are very active, passionate and energetic.

Aries Birthstones:

Herkimer Diamond, Bloodstone, Citrine, Moldavite

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond is believed to stimulate inner vision and assist mediation, astral travel and psychic sensitivity. They assist in bringing the Light of Spirit into dark places. Also, it is thought to be purifying and cleansing to the energetic field by removing blockages and debris. They are also believed to support one’s eyesight and stamina. As amplifiers they will increase the energy output of any other stone.


Bloodstone has been known to provide strength and stamina to the body, instilling the courage and self-confidence to be true to one’s heart. It can provide support to persevere in difficult situations and aid in making difficult decisions. This stone has been viewed as the spiritual warrior. Traditionally it has been used to treat all types of blood disorders and is believed to help balance female hormones.


Citrine is thought to be a great manifester. It is believed to help clear and activate the lower chakras, the powerful points in our energy system for manifestation and creation work. Also, this crystal helps us maintain direction and overcome obstacles.

Similarly, it may assist with setting proper emotional boundaries and clearly maintaining them. In addition, many find this crystal has a joyful, playful energy that can bring light and optimism.


Moldavite is believed to facilitate the revitalisation and acceleration of one’s path of personal evolution. As such, its vibration tends to focus on areas where one has blockages or wounds. Consequently, it may first clear these areas and then move into resonance with one’s entire energetic system.

As a result, Moldavite is thought to bring to the surface that which you most need to recognise, honour, integrate or clear. So, many people find that this is a very powerful aid for meditation and dream work. Lastly, this tektite is believed to bring about rapid spiritual development and big life shifts.

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