Our Top Crystals to Support in Times of Stress

Best Crystals for Stress
  • by Kimberly Gillikin
  • March 30, 2022
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Whether you’re a seasoned healer or new to the world of crystals, read on to explore our top crystals for stress in times when you need support.

Stress is often disregarded, as it has become something we’ve normalised in many aspects of our lives. We deal with it in many forms, whether it’s stress of social situations, relationship issues, work or the simple yet heavy burdens of everyday life.

It is important to take time to check in with yourself. Ask yourself how you are feeling and what you may be needing in that present moment.

Best Crystals for Stress
Best Crystals for Stress

Do Crystals Work to Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety?

At Feel, we believe crystals are a great support tool to help us relieve stress. Each individual will have their own way of incorporating crystals into their daily life. However, we find that wearing a crystal in the form of jewellery, carrying a piece with you or placing them in the home can help invite positive energies into your vibrational field.

Read on to explore our favourite crystal picks to help soothe when stress takes over.

(Please note, all information on this website should not be used as a substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information on our site is purely for informational purposes and is no substitute for professional health care advice.)


Protection, Purification, Divine Connection

Although widely known, this is our go-to crystal for Stress. Amethyst is thought to be a great emotional balancer. It is believed to help support people struggling with anxiety or depression and may help when needing to release negative thought patterns.

Amethyst is known as the Stone of Peace. It is thought to help bring us a sense of calm and relaxation. On a metaphysical level, it has also been known as an energetic shield. It provides the wearer with a “bubble of light” surrounding them, leaving way for a clear and protected energetic space (Simmons, 2021).


Stress Relief, Emotional Healing, Purification, Serenity & Relaxation

The Lepidolite stone is found to be one of the most powerful crystals for countering stress, worry, fear and grief. It may allow us to find a strong, stable, emotional centre and prevent extreme emotional shifts. Similarly, it is also wonderful for easing anxious thoughts and the feelings that are attached to them. Lepidolite is believed to aid us to perceive and release past emotional trauma which we may still be unconsciously holding on to and allows us to live fully within the present moment.

Pink Tourmaline

Love, Emotional Healing

Pink Tourmaline is thought to generate feelings of joy, happiness and relaxation. It may be beneficial when needing to find strength in a vulnerable situation and feel joy in all of our learning experiences. As a powerful emotional balancer and cleanser, it is a great ally to help deal with stress. 


Calming, Cooling, Enhanced Communication, Soothing Emotional Body

Larimar assists us to communicate our emotions and boundaries to others. It has been known to give us the strength and courage to speak from the heart. It teaches us to love, nurture and respect ourself. Also, this stone is believed to be a powerful emotional cleanser and healer. Similarly, it is said to be a good supportive crystal for phobias, panic attacks, fear and stress related imbalances. Larimar encompasses the energy of letting go, its mantra is “release and embrace the flow of life”.


Purification, Protection

Shungite is commonly used for its stress and anxiety relieving properties, as it is an incredibly grounding stone. It is believed to have a wonderful ability to harmonise your frequency, and is thought to reduce stress by absorbing negative energy and emotions by transmuting them into positive. As such, helping to further assist you in positive changes and personal growth. Shungite is thought to provide protection against EMS which are perceived to be a threat to the healthy function of the human body.

Rose Quartz

Love, Gentleness, Emotional Healing

Rose Quartz is known as the quintessential stone of love, for others and yourself. Rose Quartz is the best crystal to assist in learning to love and respect yourself. When you’re able to develop a loving attitude toward yourself, it is easier to attract loving and nurturing relationships. It is believed to be calming for the mind; assisting us to release worry, fear and past emotional trauma. This beautiful crystal allows us to be more open to receiving and sharing love, compassion and kindness. It provides physical stability and strength to the heart.


Divine Love, Emotional Healing, Activation of Hearts Knowing

The colour of Kunzite is associated with softness, it teaches us the value of joy and celebration. It gently helps us to release the blocks we set around the heart and opens us up to innocence, delight and Divine Love. By aligning yourself with love, it in turn, may help you to build more meaningful connections. Kunzite helps us to release resistance to life and to move past the fear of isolation and scarcity. It promotes optimism and trust, encouraging us to experience the full spectrum of life. aligning yourself with love, it in turn, may help you to build more meaningful connections.

Final Notes…

The Role of Intuition When Choosing your Crystals

Choosing the right crystal for your intention can be a very personal process. Always trust your intuition and let yourself be drawn to something naturally. Often times, our subconscious can guide us to what we need most.

If you happen to be a Brisbane local, pop into our Samford Crystal Shop and let yourself get lost in the multitude of crystals and gemstone jewellery we stock. When fully immersed in a crystal environment, you’ll often find yourself drifting toward a particular stone. Often times, when you read about the crystal that is attracting you, it will provide you with support for your desired intention.

Whether you have a jewellery habit or a preference for crystal specimens, I’m sure we can help you find something you love.

Can I Use Multiple Crystals at Once?

Many people will often “stack” their crystals according to which intentions they want to focus on. We always recommend to start working with crystals individually to get a feel for how they resonate with you. Then, start to combine them and work with multiple.

Tumbled Stones are a great way to start “stacking” your crystals, as they are an affordable and portable option.

Want to Expore More Crystals to Support Stress?

While the crystals we mentioned are our go to picks to help support us in times of stress, here are a few of our extended favourites you may want to consider:

If you wish to explore more crystals and their healing properties, geological facts, history and an affirmation to use in meditation click the button below.


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