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How to cleanse your crystals

A Step by Step Process to Transform your new Clear Quartz into an Awakened Powerful Tool:

Why is it that millions of people around the world have chosen to buy a crystal, believing them to be far more than simple rocks…?  Why is it that humans throughout history have revered and used crystals to enhance their Insight, Wellness and Clarity? The following article explains in depth how to use your Quartz Crystal to the greatest effect.  Feel free to explore these concepts, yet know that even simply carrying your favourite stone in your pocket is still highly beneficial.  Yet if you take the time to Clear your crystal, to Awaken and Charge it, and then Program it, your experience of that stone will be a very different one…   Read on and Enjoy!  Let us know your experiences, our shop often buzzes with great conversations from people who work with these Stones.  Drop us an email about your experiences, we’d love to know how you are going with the pieces you source from us..

So let’s get Started!  What’s this Clear Quartz Crystal all about???

The ancient Japanese believed Clear Quartz was formed from the breath of a White Dragon.  To them, and many other civilisations throughout history, Quartz represented perfection and was highly revered.  Quartz has played central roles in the rain rituals of both the Native Americans and the Australian Aborigines. In fact to some groups of Native Americans (and the Burmese), Quartz Crystals were believed to be living entities, and were presented with food or other significant ritual offerings. Celtic traditions have long used the “magic” of Quartz to ward off disease in both livestock and people, and there are numerous mentions of Quartz spheres brought back by the Crusaders that were said to possess magical powers… From Superman’s “Crystal Cave” to the Crystal ball of the Gypsy Seer, to the Crystal point upon Merlin’s staff, Clear Quartz in folklore has been long linked to Superhuman powers. Today, we know that crystals, including Quartz, have highly organised and ordered atomic structures that offer great regularity to the flow of electro-magnetic energy. (The clearer the crystal, the more regular it’s base units.) It is for this reason silicon chips are used as memory in computers, and it is why Clear Quartz (Silicon Dioxide crystals) are incorporated into watches to provide highly accurate impulses, creating accurate measurement of time.  Most of the technology our modern world relies on has its “intelligence:” grounded in Silicon. For well over a century, we have known that Quartz crystals are piezo-electric in nature.  This means that if they are even slightly compressed, twisted or distorted they generate a measurable electrical charge.  In this way, mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.  A Quartz crystal microphone reacts to the force of the sound waves acting on the crystal, and converts this mechanical force into an electrical signal.  Quartz Crystal is still used in radio today due to its stability, enabling the splitting and narrowing of channels to allow greater use of the radio spectrum.  In fact, Crystal radios (a common Primary School Science project) are able to receive a transmitted radio signal, and play that signal through a speaker with no connected power source. The signal itself, that is the transmitted music from the radio station, is the energy the Quartz crystal literally converts to sound. So given this natural crystal’s inherent ability to interact with electro-magnetic energy, it really isn’t surprising to imagine that they have a long traditional history of use as modulators, amplifiers and receptacles of one’s own thoughts, feelings and dreams…which are, at a basic biological level, also electro-magnetic energy, measurable by EEG. Modern EEG can measure your heart’s electrical impulses several metres away from your body. We are biologically electro-magnetic beings. In fact contemporary biophysicists are now viewing the body as a complex liquid crystal matrix, able to exchange energy and information throughout it’s systems with an incredible elegance, at astonishing speeds.  Biophysicist Dr Mae-Wan Ho writes “Liquid Crystallinity gives organisms their characteristic flexibility, exquisite sensitivity and responsiveness…every part is in communication with every other part through a dynamic, tune-able, responsive liquid crystalline medium that pervades the whole body”. Given such a premise, is it difficult to believe that we, as organic “liquid-crystalline beings” can somehow resonate with the natural crystals found in our environment?  Ask those who are “into” crystals…and they will readily share their experiences of “feeling” a crystal’s resonance…its story…it’s “energy”.  We have often felt a certain crystal that will somehow feel just right…can even call you from the shelf to hold it…to work with it. They often have a somewhat magnetic feel to them.  It is a sign that you have found a great tool to work with, to experiment with.  The beginning of an often long resonant friendship.

Clearing Static and Irrelevant Energies from your Crystals

Many crystals, particularly any from the Quartz family  (Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst etc) will absorb static and unwanted energies that inhibit their optimal functioning. You will know when they require cleaning as they will begin to simply feel “dirty”.  The surface can feel a little greasy, they lose their sparkle and generally begin to feel a little tired…less “lively”.  Some pieces, particularly clear Quartz, can begin to go a little cloudy, signalling that it’s time to clear your stone. Upon receipt of a new stone , it is also a great idea to invest some time and care to first cleanse the piece thoroughly, then Charge it…before embarking upon  Activating it then Programming it with an Intention.  Of course, simply using the Quartz directly from the shelf is not a problem, but the stone will feel very different if it is well prepared. Mostly, Clear Quartz is used to accept a Programmed Intention, but any of the Quartz family will also benefit to some extent from the following protocols.  Certainly, cleansing and activating any crystal is useful…with clear Quartz being by far the best choice to then accept a Programmed Intention. There are many ways to effectively clear and cleanse a stone.  Beyond any physical technique, simply having a sound intention to fully cleanse the crystal is imperative.  Some people find that meditating with a new piece, and visualising white light or water flowing through the crystal is a great way to cleanse the piece fully and simply…  Naisha Ahsian’s Lightstone Awakening CD is a great way to learn such a meditative technique. The following are other popular methods:

  1. Salt Cleanse:  It is difficult to go past this technique as the crystals emerge bright, sparkling and ready to get to work after a good salt cleanse.  Very simply, purchase any salt (preferably rock salt…but a large packet of cheap table salt works just fine) and “bury” your crystal in it.  Ideally a couple of centimetres of salt on all sides ensures a thorough cleanse.  Simply leave it for at least 24 hours (or longer for a more thorough cleanse) and then give it a thorough rinse in flowing cold water.  Your crystal will love it!! The salt is then best not used again, simply give it back to the earth to neutralise the static it has absorbed.   If the piece you are cleansing is set in silver, best not to pack it in salt but look to the other, less corrosive methods to cleanse and charge it.
  2. Earth cleanse:  Particularly useful for larger pieces, and for pieces that have been used intensively, an Earth cleanse is a great way to achieve a deeper, neutral state with your crystals.  Simply dig a hole deep enough in the earth to house your crystal, and leave it for as long as you feel is necessary to thoroughly cleanse it.  Generally, a day, a week, or a cycle of the moon is a useful length of time…but consider perhaps a year, or a decade or longer to mark the passage of significant intervals of your life.  Imagine digging up a magnificent quartz you and your new wife buried on the night before your wedding…on the night before your 20th anniversary!  Or leading your 21 year old son or daughter to a place where a crystal was placed on the day of their birth…  If you are planning to bury a crystal to mark the arrival of a significant event, it would, however, be more advantageous to respect the rhythm of cleansing, charging and programming the piece before returning it to the Earth for a period such as this…  Make certain, however, you clearly mark the location of your crystal.  I have lost several much loved pieces by placing them in/on the Earth and not being able to find them again!!
  3. Flowing Water: Crystals love flowing water.  By simply holding the termination downwards and having the intention of “flushing” the crystal, you will definitely feel a new freshness surround the piece.  Leaving a crystal near (or perhaps in) a waterfall, or holding it with you while challenging a couple of huge waves in the ocean, will definitely impregnate the crystal with the highly ionised nature of these environments.  Waterfalls and waves are Nature’s negative ion generators…given Quartz crystal’s natural affinity for electro-magnetic energies, you are sure to cleanse and enliven both yourself and the piece.
  4. Smudging: For millennia, smoke has been used to clear away unwanted energies and cleanse environments.  Sage, mugwort, lavender and resin rich herbs such as frankincense and myrrh (as used by the Christian Church) have long traditions of use as cleansers and purifiers.  Smudge sticks of Sage (from the Native American tradition), Moxa sticks (from Traditional Chinese Medicine), or the smoky twigs and leaves of a Eucalypt (as our Indigenous Australians used) are very useful.  Simply pass the piece through the column of smoke, or by gently wafting the smoke over your crystal a similar effect is created.  Remember to hold the intention of what you are doing firmly in your mind…the smoke cleanses and also represents a blessing or offering to the natural forces these pieces represent.
  5. Toning: Certainly one of the easiest methods to use…Simply Singing any sound rich with your intention (Aum/Om etc) to cleanse and purify the crystal towards and through it will serve to restore its freshness.  Crystal or brass singing bowls can also be used, with the crystals placed inside the bowls on a piece of fabric as they are played to affect a result.  Great for day to day cleansing.  Some crystal teachers also suggest that a “silent” tone can be used just as effectively to clear a crystal.  Simply holding the point with the termination facing away from you and with the out-breath silently “tone” your intention through the piece with the intention to clear and cleanse it.  Similarly, this technique can be used for an environment or gridwork that has been crystal enhanced.  Address the whole space, take a long slow breath and tone (silently or audibly) to cleanse and refresh the space.
  6. “Forcing” a cleanse with the breath:  The late Marcel Vogel, a brilliant IBM scientist turned crystal healer/educator taught a method to clear Quartz crystals by using a short sharp expulsion of breath through the nostrils whilst holding one’s thumb on a particular facet of the crystal.  Rotating the crystal and using this short sharp nostril exhalation on each major facet leads to a thorough cleanse. Once again, the intention behind the breath, “pushes” through the crystal, cleansing it very effectively and immediately.

Now your piece is deeply cleansed…it is time to consider the best way to charge and activate it ready to receive its programming….

Charging and Activating Your Crystal

These techniques are best used with Clear Quartz as a means of preparing it to receive a Programmed Intention.  However, many other Crystals can benefit from a similar protocol.  It is assumed you have used a Clearing/Cleansing Technique and now wish to enhance your crystal’s resonant capacities by activating and awakening its potential.

  1. Natural Energy Activation:  Any significant Natural Energy concentration will awaken Quartz.  A Full Moon, a thunderstorm,  a Clear Dawn’s first light and dew, a waterfall, the Ocean, an even an open fire will serve to imbue the crystal with energy to resonate more effectively.  The larger the piece, the more energy required.    Placing a deeply cleansed crystal on a mountain top to receive the first rays of New Year’s Day is a sure fire way to prepare it to capture your New Year’s Resolutions with great intensity.
  2. Gridworks & Pyramids: Placing a crystal within a crystal grid-work, or within a pyramid for a day or more is a great way to activate and charge it.  More information on Gridworks is also available on this site.
  3. Amethyst/Citrine Geodes or large cluster: Placing your crystal within or upon a cleansed Geode or Quartz Cluster also focuses a great potential onto the stone
  4. Heating the Crystal gently:  Be very careful not to rush this and crack your stone!  There is always a small risk that a stone with a definite flaw or imperfection (that may or may not be visible) will crack.  I, however, really like this method and have risked it with several special pieces and never lost a stone to date.  Simply place your cleansed crystal in Cold water in a saucepan, ensuring it is fully submerged, and very slowly and very gently heat it until small bubbles first begin to appear on the base of the pan.  Don’t let it roll in a boil bumping around in the pan!  Turn off the heat just as the water begins to boil, then allow the crystal to fully cool before removing it from the water.  Don’t grab it whilst it is hot as it will obviously burn you!  Patience, patience…

So now your Crystal is cleansed and Activated.  Ready now to accept your Program…

Programming your Quartz Crystal

First, ensure your crystal has been recently Cleansed,  preferably Activated and ready to receive it’s instruction, or programming. Programming your crystal is the process of aligning the energies of the crystal with the intent you wish to use them for.  For example, you can program your crystal to send healing to a specific person, for protection, love, insight or support around a particular issue etc… This process should be approached with care and a sense of reverence, ensuring the intent placed within your Quartz is clear, high & noble.  It is a means by which you can focus your creative potential towards a specific reality, helping to manifest a heart-felt want. Your Quartz is a “light”-based tool, ready to amplify your intention.  Therefore, ensure your “program” is clear and uncomplicated. Reduce it to a simple phrase of stated intention.  Single, simple statements of intention.   For instance: For Fear/Anxiety: -“ My World is safe, bountiful and welcoming; providing me with guidance, nourishment and Love”. For Meaningful Relationships: -“All my Relationships are blessed with respect, love and Universal Light.  Being with another allows me to see, experience and be received in this Loving Light.” For a New Project/Business -“This Project serves to bring Real Abundance at every level.  It serves only to fulfil, to nourish, to learn and to grow.” For Abundant Health -“Every cell in my body rings with the Harmony of Universal Love. Health flows through me and from me in all directions.  I am the Living Connection between the energies of Heaven and Earth and at every moment have access to all the energy I need to be strong, bright and at Peace.” An active Quartz crystal is a means of entering into a resonant, harmonic relationship with our finer, higher realms of existence.  In this sense it can be seen as a portal, or key. It is an electro-magnetically active resonant device. Therefore, as when entering any new, unchartered territory it is most appropriate to begin by asking for guidance, protection and assistance from your higher Self, or any accessible source of higher consciousness available to you…  For some this may be their Guides, a guardian angel, an Avatar or Teacher, or simply a sense of the Universe as a benevolent, supportive aware “field”. So now that your intention is clear, and you feel a sense of readiness, take the time to become settled, be still, and quietly lift your awareness to the highest, finest level you are able to comfortably sustain. From this place of empowered stillness, proceed to program your crystal… Place the point in your dominant hand with the termination facing away from you.  Choose the most “accessible” facet on the termination and place your thumb upon it (generally this is the largest facet on the termination, but not always, just feel it out).  Bring your consciousness to the interior of the crystal and develop a “felt sense” of what the interior matrix of the crystal feels like.  I often like to hold the main facet of the crystal gently over my “third eye” area on the forehead…where often a strong, almost magnetic connection can arise during this process.  This is not imagined. When you have a sense of readiness, and wish to begin “programming”, gather your intention and allow it to flow brightly and strongly into your crystal.  Repeat your phrased intention over and over until you feel a sense of “saturation” in the crystal.  You will know when the job is done. Once the programming is complete (which can take anywhere from 10 seconds to an hour or 2, gently begin the process of disconnecting from the crystal by removing it slowly from your forehead, or simply withdrawing your attention from within the crystal back to your surroundings. Take the time to check in with yourself to see if the process is complete.  A program needs to be reinforced and repeated on occasion, especially if the Quartz you are using is large.  Sometimes multiple efforts at cleansing, charging and programming are required to get the crystal resonating strongly to your chosen intention.  You will know when it is right.  Trust your intuition.  Enjoy the relationship with such a powerful Talisman.  I wish you the very best of luck and may you see all you.