How to Best Combine Different Crystals

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The Role of Intention and Intuition

When working with your crystals, there are two primary guiding factors. Intention and Intuition…

How can we reach our goals (intentions) by using crystals to support the journey? How do you balance what you have learned from others and what your intuition hints toward? 

As with all things crystal, working with multiple crystals simultaneously is a deeply personal undertaking. However, we’re here to offer guidance on the best approach to this practice in order to help you manifest your intentions into reality.

How to Best Combine Different Crystals
Mix & Match Your Intentions with Stackable Beaded Bracelets

Personally, when I start working with any crystal, I like to take a moment out of my day when I first receive a new piece. After cleansing it, I like to clearly set it with my intentions. Never done this before? Explore our favourite ways to cleanse, activate and program your crystals here

This reflective and meditative practice is a great way to clarify your purpose and give yourself direction. This lays the foundation to help you combine your gems. 

Intuitively picking your crystals 

So, how do you pick the right crystals to combine? Which crystals mix well together?

First of all, start by holding your intention in mind. Whether you are shopping online, in-store or choosing a crystal to work with from your own collection, having a clear intention will help guide you to pick the best piece for your needs. 

At this point, you may have one particular crystal that is clearly “jumping out” at you. If you notice there are a few that attract you, keep them aside. Repeat this process of browsing with each intention you hold, until you have built a collection of crystals that resonate with you. 

This intuitive guiding process is my personal favourite way to select crystals. When you read about each crystal you have intuitively picked, you may find that they often line up with what you are needing to support your goals. 

However, some people prefer to work backwards and research their crystals and properties before making their selection. This does narrow down the process and is an excellent way to start if you are new to this! However, I find that by letting your intuition guide you, you open yourself up to exploring new crystals and new energies. Do what works best for you… 

Common ways to combine crystals 

Some popular means of combining crystals can be by colour, chakra, healing properties, earth elements or zodiac signs… The options are truly endless and there is no right or wrong. 

At Feel, we love to pair our crystals by healing properties. 

As you find your overarching intention or goal, you can select crystals that align with those intentions. For example, a good stack for New Beginnings could be Aventurine, Carnelian and Agate. Aventurine is a great stone for growth, hope and change, while Carnelian represents courage, vitality, confidence, and action. Lastly, Agate is there to take care of your emotions through any transition with a focus on healing, strength and balance. 

Aventurine, Carnelian and Agate Combination

Similarly, you may approach your crystal combinations with a Chakra intent. With a focus on the heart chakra or Anahata, a selection of green crystals or crystals which relate to the heart chakra (often pink crystals) may work nicely together. 

From a purely colour standpoint, you may wish to combine crystals that look good aesthetically or which are all the same colour. When combining beaded bracelets, you can also play around with different bead sizes and styles to create texture.

Carnelian Beaded Bracelets
Carnelian Beaded Bracelets in different bead sizes & styles

Whichever approach you take to combining your crystals, we recommend working with each of them individually first. Become accustomed to their energy one by one, before you take an integrated approach. This way, if one makes you feel off, you will be able to pinpoint through a process of elimination which one is causing discomfort. 

How to use my crystal combination?

As I’m sure you can tell, we’re big advocates for using gemstone beaded bracelets to best combine crystals’ energies. It’s an affordable, stylish and fun approach. Above all, it allows you to carry your crystal energy cocktail with you on the daily. However, the tips in this blog are just as relevant if you wish to use crystal specimen combinations in your home, in a grid, in a tumbled stone collection to carry in your bag or simply to keep a collection on your bedside table. The options are truly endless. Enjoy the process and embrace the creative and intuitive nature of this practice.

Need help crafting your combinations?

If you ever need guidance on how to best combine different crystals, feel free to shoot us an email at with your intentions and we can help you craft the perfect mix.

Alternatively, visit our helpful staff in our Samford crystal shop, just 30 minutes North of Brisbane, Australia. With over 40,000 crystals, meteorites, gems & more, it’s the perfect place to get lost in for the day…


How many crystals are too many crystals? 

This is something only you will be able to answer! In our Samford crystal shop, we often see people who come in wearing every crystal under the sun and they thrive with all this energy. However, others are more sensitive to crystal energies and can only work with 1-3 at once. This is a very personal thing to discover, and only you will know the answer. By working with your crystals individually and then adding one in at a time, you will be able to tell when you go into energy overload! 

How do I know if a crystal isn’t right for me?

Some people have an emotional response while in others it can manifest physically. Personally, I often get a headache when I’m wearing a crystal that isn’t right for me. Others will feel overwhelmed, moody and unsettled. If you suspect you are working with a crystal that isn’t right for you, take a break from it for a week or so and see if you realign. From here, if you wish to re-introduce it, it’s wise to cleanse your piece first and see if you have the same reaction.

Do some crystals not work together?

Some people find that they feel off when working with particular combinations. This can be that you aren’t ready for a particular energy of one crystal or that it isn’t resonating well with the other piece you are wearing. If you feel off when wearing a particular crystal, we often recommend to give it a cleanse to reset the energy and then try to work with it again. If you still find that you aren’t feeling right, leave it for another time… Over the years, different crystals will come up when you need them. It’s all about timing!

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