Astrophyllite Meanings

Key words: Self knowledge, realisation of multidimensional self, self-acceptance

Chakras: All

Element: Storm

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio

Number: 9

Astrophyllite Crystal Healing Properties:
Astrophyllite activates and aligns every chakra in the body.  It can direct light into the darkest recesses of our being to allow us to perceive and understand our shadow self.  By knowing and accepting our whole, we can choose to live to our full potential.  Astrophyllite is thought to energetically protect against radiation and electromagnetic fields and has been traditionally used to support detoxification on an energetic or physical level.

Astrophyllite History and Uses:
Astrophyllite is an uncommon stone, it was first found in 1854 on Laven Island in Norway. It gets its name from the Greek words astron meaning star and phyllon meaning leaf, which refers to its radiating bladed  formation. The matallic flashes of  gold within the dark stone look like stars.

Astrophyllite Geological Description:
Astrophyllite is a complex mineral, a potassium, sodium, iron, manganese, titanium silicate with a hardness of 3.5. It forms bladed crystals in a starburst formation within its matrix rock.  Most specimens come from the Kola Peninsula in Russia.

Affirmation: I know and accept myself in all aspects, histories and dimensions, and call forth the highest manifestation of my spiritual purpose