Cathedral Quartz

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Cathedral Quartz Meanings

Inner guidance, access to spiritual information, multidimensional consciousness

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Etheric and Transpersonal

Element: Storm, Wind

Zodiac Signs: All

Number: 4

Cathedral Quartz Crystal Healing Properties

Cathedral Quartz teaches the necessity of moving beyond individualism and into cooperative group growth. To this end, it is thought to be an excellent tool for group healing or creating spiritual communities.

Used in meditation, it may create a safe, structured, energetic environment to explore the higher realms. Cathedral Quartz may assist in maintaining spiritual growth and forward progress in ones life.

History and Uses

Cathedral Quartz is also referred to as a Light Library or Cathedral Lightbrary (Lightbrury). Its form is reminiscent of turrets on an ancient castle or cathedral. They can often look as if they are made up of many different crystals but they all form parts of one main crystal.

These crystals are believed to hold a record of all that has occurred on Earth. As such, by meditating with one of these amazing crystals, it is thought to be a tool to attune to the Universal Mind and access the Akashic records.

Geological Description

Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7. Its crystal system is hexagonal. As such, it grows smaller points along the body of the main crystal, running parallel and partially embedded. It is found in Brazil, Madagascar, Africa, Russia and Switzerland.


I move beyond my personal needs to connect with my soul’s purpose.

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