Colombianite Meanings

Chakras: Third Eye (Ajna), Crown (Sahasrara)
Element: Earth
Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius
Number: 8

Colombianite Healing Properties

Colombianite, known for its spiritual and protective properties, is revered as a sacred stone that reignites spiritual fire within us. This powerful tektite is believed to enhance spiritual growth and enlightenment, facilitating a deeper understanding of the universe.

It is thought to balance emotions and help release past traumas, fostering emotional healing and clarity. Additionally, Colombianite is said to create a protective aura, shielding against negative energies and environmental stressors. Its grounding energy connects one to the natural world, enhancing stability and a sense of being anchored to the earth.

History and Uses

Colombianite Tektite is believed to have formed from ancient meteorite impacts in Colombia, resulting in a natural glass created when a meteorite collided with the Earth’s surface, fusing Earth’s material with extraterrestrial particles.

Historically, Colombianite has been used by indigenous tribes in Colombia for spiritual and healing rituals. The Colombian Indians from the Muisca tribes in South America considered Colombianite a sacred stone and named it “Piedra De Rayo,” which means “Lightning Stone.”

It is valued for meditation, protection, and spiritual growth, with grounding energy that helps those seeking a deeper connection with earth and nature.

Geological Description

Colombianite is a type of natural glass formed from meteorite impacts and is part of the broader tektite family. It typically features a light brown, translucent appearance and is exclusively found in Colombia.

The formation process involves intense heat and pressure from meteorite collisions, resulting in this rare and unique tektite.


I embrace the protective and grounding energy of the earth, fostering spiritual growth and emotional healing.

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