Creedite Meanings

Keywords: Expansion of awareness, activation of upper chakras in conjunction with the heart

Chakras: Third Eye, crown, transpersonal and etheric

Element: Storm

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Number: 6

Creedite Crystal Healing Properties:
Creedite fills the aura with the whole spectrum of light and helps to connect us with our highest guides. It is good for meditation, creative visualisation and assists with receiving inspiration from the Divine. Creedite allows us to gain a higher perspective and to find inner peace during emotional times.

Creedite History and Uses:

Creedite was named after the place where it was first found in 1916 in the Creede Quadrangle, Colorado USA. Creedite can be found in colours of white, orange, clear and sometimes blue-purple crystals. It is a rare mineral mostly found in Mexico. Orange Creedite is spiky like a porcupine with fine needles growing in many directions, it can be used to cleanse an environment of negative energy and in the workplace, ensures that tasks are completed to a high standard. Purple Creedite is the strongest for connecting us with our spirit guides and gaining information during meditation. White Creedite activates the energy field and raises our vibration, it also assists us to accept with ease life changes which we may not want.

Creedite Geological Description:
Creedite is a calcium aluminium sulphate fluoro hydroxide mineral with monoclinic prismatic crystals and a hardness of 3.5 to 4. Creedite is a rare mineral and the best specimens are primarily from Mexico.

Affirmation: Through  regular meditation I learn to attune to higher frequencies and Divine information