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Galena Meanings

Shamanic soul retrieval, alchemical self-transformation, past life recall

Chakra: Base

Element: Earth

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Number: 22

Galena Crystal Healing Properties

Galena acts as a powerful mirror, reflecting light into the deepest, darkest regions of our shadow self. It encourages temperance, tolerance and peace as we learn to embrace the aspects of ourselves we have long feared. It may provide strong grounding and helps in centering our energies in order to overcome our self-limiting beliefs.

History and Uses

Galena was named by Pliny the Elder in 77-79 from the Greek word “galene” which means lead ore. It has been mined for its lead and silver content since 3000 BC. Egyptians used it as kohl under their eyes to reduce the glare of the desert sun and protect them from the diseases carried by flies. It was used to make a green pottery glaze called Potter’s Ore, to make lead shots and in crystal transistor radios.

Traditionally, it has been used to reduce inflammation, increase circulation and relieve joint pain. Galena contains lead which while bound in a mineral ore is safe to handle, however, should not be inhaled or ingested nor be used for making elixirs.

Geological Description

Galena is a lead sulphide mineral with a hardness of 2.5. Its crystal system is cubic. Fine specimens have been found in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, USA.


I commit to explore and accept the darkest sides of my being.

Galena SpecimenGalena Specimen
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Galena SpecimenGalena Specimen
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