Green Tourmaline

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Green Tourmaline Meanings

Healing, strength, vitality and wholeness

Chakra: Heart

Element: Water

Birthstone: October

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Number: 6

Green Tourmaline Crystal Healing Properties

Green Tourmaline, a potent heart-activating stone, is renowned for its invigorating energy, fostering emotional growth and expansion. Its resonance is said to positively influence the heart chakra, potentially supporting both emotional and physical heart health. Additionally, it’s believed to aid in calming the nervous system and emotions.

History and Uses

Tourmaline, a gemstone with ancient origins, holds a rich historical significance. Evidence of its existence dates back to the 2nd or 3rd century BC, notably seen in an Indian carving depicting Alexander the Great. Its exceptional quality lies in its diverse spectrum of colors—ranging from red, pink, and green to black, blue, violet, yellow, and brown. This remarkable crystal possesses unique properties, being both pyroelectric and piezoelectric. Dutch traders ingeniously utilized its properties, rubbing the gem to draw ashes from their meerschaum pipes, earning it the name ‘aschentrekkers’ or ash pullers.

Geological Description

Green Tourmaline is a complex borosilicate with a hardness of 7 to 7.5. Its crystal pattern is hexagonal (trigonal) with prismatic crystals and striations running parallel to the main axis. Green Tourmaline is found in the USA, Brazil, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan.


I am whole, alive, and filled with the strength of my heart, radiating positivity as a force in the world

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