Heulandite Meanings

Keywords: Visions, inter dimensional travel, access to past civilisations, emotional healing

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye, Crown

Element: Wind

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Number: 1

Heulandite Crystal Healing Properties:

Heulandite helps to calm the mind, facilitating meditative states and opening up to Divine guidance.  It activates a connection between the head and the heart, helping us to feel uplifted and centred whilst easing the feelings of emotional burdens. It can assist in accessing ancient civilizations and the Akashic records.  It is a high vibration stone which stimulates the brain and enhances mental clarity.

 Heulandite History and Uses:

Heulandite is often mistaken for Stilbite in 1818  August Breithaupt discovered the distinction and named it  “euzeolite” (meaning beautiful zeolite).  In 1822, H. J. Brooke arrived at the same result, and gave the stone the name heulandite, after the mineral collector, Henry Heuland. It has a beautiful pearly lustre and ranges in colour from colorless, white, pink, grey, red, yellow or green. It has been traditionally used to help make contact with spirit guides and develop psychic abilities. The Green variety helps us to connect with the heart of Gaia, Mother Earth. It calms the emotions and engenders feelings of love and forgiveness.

Heulandite Geological Description:

Heulandite is a member of the zeolite family, a sodium calcium aluminium silicate mineral with a hardness of 3.5 to 4. It is mostly found in India but also Iceland.

Affirmation: My mind opens and expands into wakeful silence.

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