Nirvana Quartz Meanings
Key words: Opening to the future, heart/brain synergy, inner silence, destiny, evolution, trust, self acceptance

Chakras: All

Element: Storm

Zodiac Signs: All

Number: Master number 11

Nirvana Quartz Crystal Healing Properties:
Nirvana Quartz reveals to us the importance of inner radiance, and the necessity of overcoming difficulty and hardship as part of the path of spiritual ascension. It assists us in discovering and embracing the wisdom gained through all of life’s experiences, and relieves feelings of stuckness by preparing us for transformation and forward movement. Nirvana Quartz helps us to overcome feelings of victimization and unworthiness. It is an excellent tool for meditation, allowing you to access inner knowledge and align the heart and mind.

Nirvana Quartz History and Uses:

Nirvana Quartz, also called Himalayan Ice Quartz, is a specific form of  rosy coloured growth-interference Quartz crystals, found in 2006 at very high altitudes in the Himalayan Mountains of India. It is found under retreating glaciers and is often difficult to obtain.

Nirvana Quartz Geological Description:
Like other Quartz, it is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7. Their form is irregular and convoluted and the majority are roughly wand shaped. Growth -interference Quartz derives its twisted shape due to the growth of Calcite or other minerals within and during the forming of the quartz crystal body. Later, the inter-growing mineral dissolves, leaving the strangely formed quartz.

Affirmation: I open myself to the unknown future in full trust, and I release the past with gratitude for how it has blessed my path with joy and difficulty.

Crystal Meanings

Nirvana Quartz

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