Nuummite Meanings

Keywords: Personal magic, the deep journey to the core of self, enhancing clairvoyance, attuning to the elemental forces, achieving self-mastery

Chakras: Base, solar plexus, third eye

Elements: Earth, Storm

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Number: 3

Nuummite Crystal Healing Properties:

Nuummite is a powerful stone that brings light in to the darker aspects of the human psyche. It helps us to face the shadow self and embrace the aspects of self that have been denied. A good stone for soul retrieval work in finding and integrating aspects that have separated away from the self. Nuummite is a strong stone for mental and psychic healing. It helps to overcome self doubt or hatred and encourages self acceptance.

Nuummite History and Uses:

Also called the Sorcerer’s or Magician’s stone, Nuummite or Nummit is named after the place in Greenland where it was first discovered in 1982. This rare and ancient 3 billion year old stone is mined in the remote, rugged mountain area north of Nuuk in Greenland. It comes in colours of grey or black and displays labradorescence, amazing colors reflected throughout the stone, which may be red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple although the most common reflected color is gold. Nuummite is a stone which has been used to support fathers, especially single fathers, and can help anyone who wants to resolve issues with their own father or grandfather. Nuummite is used to draw out negative energies, mental imprints or implants from outside sources and can be used to release curses, past-life imperatives and the effects of sorcery and ill-wishing

Nuummite Geological Description:

Nuummite is unique combination of Anthophyllite, a magnesium iron silicate, and Gedrite, a lithium bearing amphibole. It has a hardness of 6. Nuummite comes from a remote area of Greenland and can only be extracted during the warmer months. Small amounts are also found in Canada, Spain and the USA.

Affirmation: I willingly go into the depths of myself to heal and recover what has been lost, and I achieve self-mastery in so doing.

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