Opal Meanings

Intuition, Personal Power, Removes Fear

Chakras: Varies by Color

Element: Earth, Water

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces

Birthstone month: March, October

Wedding Anniversary: 12 and 14th year

Number: 8

Opal Crystal Healing Properties

Different types of this gem are thought to have different healing properties. Some of the varieties include:

Boulder Opal – Releases stress and worry

Fire Opal/Firmament Stone – Creativity and passion

Andean Opal Pink – Emotional Healing and Blue – Calming the mind

White Opal – Purification

Black Opal – Emotional protection

History and Uses

Opal derives its name from the Latin opalus and Sanskrit upala meaning precious stone. There are three different types. The first is defined as Precious/Rainbow Opals. These are the rarest, displaying flashes of iridescent colour. Secondly, there are Common/Potch Opals. These are found in many places displays of opalescent pearly lustre. Lastly, there are Fire Opals. These are mostly found in Mexico with translucent red or orange and sometimes with flashes of green.

This gem is the national gemstone of Australia which produces 97% of the world’s supply. It was revered in ancient times as a gemstone of good luck and happiness. It was thought that in its multitude of colours, it carried the properties of many other precious stones. Also, it was called the “eye stone” by the ancient Romans as they believed it had the power to heal eye diseases. This belief was held into the Middle Ages when it was still called ophthalmos or ophthalmius.

Geological Description

Opal is a hydrated silica mineraloid with a hardness of 5.5 – 6.5. It is made up of microscopic silica spheres bonded together by water. When these spheres are packed together in a regular formation they cause light to diffract creating the play of rainbow colours known as “fire” in the stone.


I consciously choose my emotional state and the focus of my intention, manifesting my highest good in the physical world.

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