Prasiolite Meanings

Keywords: Awakening the heart, linking the lower and higher self, deep connection with Nature

Chakras: Heart, crown, third eye, solar plexus

Element: Earth

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Scorpio

Number: 4

Prasiolite Crystal Healing Properties:
Prasiolite is a stone that links, integrates and balances the higher and lower aspects of being. It awakens the heart to the frequency of love and compassion and enhances the connection to all things. Prasiolite helps one to act on higher guidance and follow ones heart upon the path of spirit. It opens the crown and third eye chakras and stimulates inner vision, connection and communication with inter-dimensional beings such as fairies. It also supports shamanic healing work and activating the Light Body.

Prasiolite History and Uses:

Prasiolite is also called Vermarine, Lime Citrine, Green Quartz or Green Amethyst, it was named after the Greek words “prasonmeaning leek and “lithos meaning stone. Natural Prasiolite is rare and since 1950, almost all has come from small Montezuma deposits in Minas Gerais, Brazil but it is also found in Lower Silesia in Poland and Thunder Bay in Canada. It is found in shades of yellow green to deeper green, some types of Amethyst and yellow Quartz can be heated in kilns to 500 degrees Celsius to produce Prasiolite.

Prasiolite Geological Description:
Prasiolite is a member of the quartz family, a silicon dioxide crystal with a hardness of 7. It starts out as a purple amethyst and its colour is changed by heat. Prasiolite is found in Brazil and Arizona, USA.

Affirmation: I link and integrate the higher and lower aspects of my being with my awakened heart.

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