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Rhodochrosite Meanings

Emotional healing, compassion, self-love, relationship healing

Chakras: Heart, solar plexus

Elements: Fire, Water

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Scorpio

Number: 4

Rhodochrosite Crystal Healing Properties

Rhodochrosite is thought to assist in healing emotional wounds and traumas. It is believed to promote self-love, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness, helping individuals release past emotional pain and move forward with a positive outlook.

Rhodochrosite is said to enhance empathy and compassion towards oneself and others. It may encourage a deeper understanding of one’s emotions and the emotions of those around them.

It is thought that Rhodochrosite can help reduce stress and anxiety by promoting a sense of inner peace and emotional stability. It may help individuals let go of negative thought patterns and embrace a more positive mindset.

Rhodochrosite is believed to radiate a joyful and positive energy that can uplift one’s mood and promote a sense of happiness and well-being.

This crystal is often used to heal and improve relationships, fostering better communication, understanding, and harmony between individuals.

History and Uses

This crystal was first found in 1813 in silver mines in Romania and is named from the Greek word rhodokhros meaning “of rosy colour”. Pure Rhodochrosite is quite rare. In its purest form, it is typically pale pink or rose-red. However, its colour can vary from shades of pink, deep red, orange to pale brown.

Geological Description

Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate with a hardness of 3.5 to 4. It mostly occurs in massive, granular, botryoidal, nodular or stalactitic habits. The most important deposit of Rhodochrosite is in Argentina. It formed in the Incan Silver mines after they were abandoned in the Thirteenth Century. Quality specimens have also been found in Colorado.


With compassion, I heal, embracing joy and wholeness.


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