Spinel Meanings
Keywords: Revitalization, inspiration, new hope, victory, re energising all levels of self

Chakras: All

Element: Water

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Scorpio

Wedding Anniversary: 22nd year, 16th year – Red Spinel, 65th year -Blue Spinel

Number: 5

Spinel Crystal Healing Properties:
Spinel is a great stone for workaholics, it helps to release stress and worry whilst replenishing depleted energy. It can inspire new ways of thinking and give one the strength to accept life’s challenges by increasing one’s endurance and persistence. It is also said to help the body eliminate poisons and properly process wastes, both physical and energetic.

Spinel History and Uses:
The name Spinel comes from the Latin word “spina” meaning spines which refers to it growing habit of sharp needle like formations. It is found in a range of colours from red to blue, green, colourless, black and brown and has traditionally been used as a stone of revitalization. Some of the most famous jewels in the world are Spinels, these include the Black Prince’s Ruby and the “Timur ruby” in the British Crown Jewels, and the “Côte de Bretagne”, formerly from the French Crown jewels.

Spinel Geological Description:

Spinel is a magnesium aluminium oxide mineral with a hardness of 7.5 – 8. Colours range from blue, red, green, brown and black. Spinel is found in Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Burma.

Affirmation: I am revitalized, fully alive and filled with the zest for life, and I use my energies in inspired and innovative ways to benefit myself and others.