Uvarovite Meanings

Prosperity, manifesting abundance

Chakras: Solar plexus, heart

Element: Earth

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Taurus

Number: 7

Uvarovite Crystal Healing Properties

Uvarovite embodies the energy of prosperity and reminds us that the Universe provides us with everything we truly need. All we need do is graciously and joyously accept the flow of abundance. It is thought to help us release and heal patterns of emotional scarcity, based in past feelings of not having enough, by opening our heart to accept the abundance of love, joy and peace the Universe provides. It may help to increase contentment and self confidence, banishing feelings of loneliness or inadequacy.

History and Uses

Uvarovite is a rare bright-green garnet discovered by Swiss-born Russian chemist, doctor and mineralogist Germain Henri Hess in 1832. He named it after a Russian statesman, Count Sergei Semenovitch Uvarov. Because of its bright emerald green colour, it was a favourite crystal of Carl Faberge who used it in his Faberge egg designs. It is rare to find gemstone-quality crystals, however, a source in the Ural Mountains of Russia forms lovely Uvarovite drusy made up of tiny crystals deposited on a matrix.

Geological Description

Uvarovite is a form of green Garnet, a calcium chromium silicate with a hardness of 7.5. It is found in Poland, Russia, Finland, India and the USA.


I am always in the flow of Universal abundance and all my needs are met.

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