Wands, Merkabas, Skulls & Carvings
Browse our collection of Wands, Merkabas, Skulls & Carvings. These are great crystal tools that make a great addition to your Crystal Kit!

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Hand crafted crystal wands have long been used to serve as healing tools focusing your intention and insight and not to mention great massage aids.

Crystal merkabas are believed to be one of the sacred geometric shapes which carries a lot of significance. Their special shape allows the crystals’ energy to radiate in all directions around the holder of the crystal. When used in meditation, some people undergo very transformative experiences as this sacred shape paired with a crystal is believed to aid spiritual evolution.

Crystal skulls are often a collectors piece gathered to marvel at the beauty of the crystal in this anatomical form.

Angels, Dolphins, Donuts, Cats, Dishes and More…!  Sourced from our suppliers the world over, we hand select each piece here to ensure it’s of high quality.  We even travel to the factories directly to guarantee the consistent quality of these precious keepsakes. Carved crystals make great gifts, that are often kept as precious mementoes for a lifetime.

Many a crystal lover is found in our shop playing with these Tools…sure to provide hours of fascination!

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