Handmade Bead and Chip Gemstone Bracelets
Throughout history, both men and women have worn stones on their wrists and upper arms to express and explore this spectrum of beauty and power.

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We offer a selection of Bracelets, starting at great value carved, faceted or polished beads.  The quality of these stones is often truly surprising, and easily affordable. They are a fabulous way to enjoy high quality crystals that can be worn in a generous measure. Why carry a small tumbled stone?…Slip on a beautiful bracelet!

Combining different strands  of stones to explore your own recipe of crystal vibrations is also an amazing experiment.

For something truly special, we are also proud to offer here natural gemstone Sterling Silver bracelets, hand crafted by designers from Australia, through Asia to New York. These Designers dream up and play with combinations of stones and hand craft these bands of gems in .925 Silver that simply make you feel special, something people can’t help but notice.

Something you have forever.

Typically, our clients  begin to explore Crystal Jewellery with Pendants, move to Earrings, and end up owning at least one of these truly special creations in time…

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