Meteorite Jewellery

Genuine Meteorite Jewellery with Meteorites & Tektites set into beautiful .925 Sterling Silver Jewellery as an antidote to the everyday Earthbound offerings!

This extraordinarily unique jewellery collection is quite literally out of this world.

Components of each piece in this collection are from Outer Space…

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Iron Nickel Meteorites are remnant shards of the magnetic cores of long lost planets. Hurled into oblivion by catastrophic cosmic events. These voyagers travel galactic distances for eons, cooling so slowly that their metals form crystalline striations. These patterns in metal simply doesn’t occur Earth.

These beautifully textured metals from the core of long lost planets are set in .925 Sterling Silver by enthusiastic designers and offered to you as Jewellery so “Far Out”, it’s incomprehensible!

Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass and other Tektites are natural glassy composites. They are the result of high energy collisions between a long lost interplanetary Meteorite and our own planet Earth. The silicon rich crust of the Earth vaporises in continent shaping explosions, combining the material of the alien Meteor with our planet falling back to Earth as glassy specimens that are today crafted and cut into wondrous gemstones.

These treasures have been revered for centuries as objects of wonder and power. They have been set into the crowns of European royalty, prized as potent objects of power, and even crafted into ceremonial daggers for sacrifice…Cosmic, huh?

Now becoming very rare as the current planetary interest in Crystals and Meteorites rises.

Ready for some Energetic Shifts to your worldly reality… Check these out!

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