Caribbean Calcite Mushroom



Caribbean Calcite Mushroom

This exquisite Caribbean Calcite Mushroom showcases layers of Aragonite and Blue Calcite, reminiscent of the serene hues found in the Caribbean Sea.

Caribbean Calcite, a harmonious fusion of Aragonite and Blue Calcite, infuses this mushroom with powerful vibrations. Its gentle blue tones and intricate layering symbolize calmness, relaxation, and the peaceful ebb and flow of emotions. This unique treasure serves as a conduit for deepening spiritual connection and embracing a sense of serenity.

Harmonizing the throat and third eye chakras,  Caribbean Calcite encourages clear communication and heightened intuition. It supports emotional healing, releasing stress and promoting inner peace. Its soothing energy envelops you in a state of tranquillity, fostering a profound sense of well-being.

The layered composition of Aragonite and Blue Calcite within the Caribbean Calcite creates a perfect synergy. Aragonite provides grounding and stability, while Blue Calcite enhances authentic self-expression and clarity. Together, they offer balance and support on your spiritual journey, helping you align with your higher self.

This Caribbean Calcite mushroom is not only a source of tranquillity and spiritual connection but also a stunning addition to your space. Whether adorning your meditation area, sacred altar, or crystal collection, it radiates natural beauty and calming energy, transforming any environment into a sanctuary of serenity.

Order your Caribbean Calcite mushroom now and invite the serene essence of the Caribbean into your life.

Caribbean Calcite Meanings

Relaxation, deeper sleep, emotional balance, release of stress and resentment, lucid dreaming

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Elements: Fire, Water

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn

Number: 3

Caribbean Calcite Crystal Healing Properties

Caribbean Calcite is thought to bring about a sense of calm and emotional balance. It is believed to help us let go of worry and fear and allows us to settle into a more peaceful state. As a result, it is thought to help assist in deeper sleep. As a crown chakra and third eye stone, it aids us in lucid dreaming by helping us awaken the connection to our higher selves.

Its calming energy may help to soothe anxiety and stress. As such, it may also release negative emotions, promoting a sense of inner peace.

It’s also thought to improve communication skills and help with self-expression by encouraging honesty and clarity in communication, making it easier to express your inner thoughts and feelings.

Caribbean Calcite may also be a good support tool for spiritual growth and development. It is believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, promoting spiritual awareness and understanding.

For those looking to tap into their creative side, it may help stimulate creativity and encourage new ideas. It is said to help overcome creative blocks and promote inspiration.

History and Uses

Calcite gets its name from the Greek word chalix meaning lime. It comes in a wide variety of colours including, red, green, orange, yellow, blue, pink, clear, black and white. It is one of the most common minerals on Earth, making up the basis of limestone and marble. It takes many different forms and is formed in many different geological environments. Some forms fluoresce blue or red under UV light. It has been used to make cement and mortar and very clear translucent calcite has been used to make gun sights and geological (polarising) microscopes.

Geological Description

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral with a hardness of 3. It comes in a wide variety of forms and colours and is found on every continent of the world. Calcite makes up the major part of marble and limestone. Caribbean Calcite is a rare form of Calcite and was only recently found in 2019. The only place it is found is Pakistan. This crystal is a combination of Blue Calcite with Brown and White Aragonite.


I embody emotional balance and align with my higher self.

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Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 cm

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