Dioptase Cluster Specimen


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Dioptase Cluster Specimen

A small Dioptase cluster Specimen with well formed tiny little crystals. Gorgeous piece!

Dimensions in cm : 4 x 3 x 2


Dioptase Meanings

Key words: Forgiveness, compassion, release of karmic patterns, prosperity

Chakra: Heart

Element: Water

Zodiac Signs: Saggitarius, Scorpio, Virgo

Number: 8

Dioptase Crystal Healing Properties:
Dioptase can heal the heart by helping to free us from the limits of our past in order for us to embody our fullest potential with joy and peace. Any physical disease related to past traumas and abuse can be aided by Dioptase’s ability to help us forgive and release karmic patterns empowering us to be our true selves. It can help to release perceived feelings of lack and encourages a prosperity consciousness.

Dioptase History and Uses:
Dioptase was known to the prehistoric world, three Neolithic pottery statues dated at 7200BC have been found which have their eyes outlined with Dioptase paint. It was more recently rediscovered in a mine in Kazakhstan in the 18th century and at first mistaken for Emerald due to its colour. It 1797 it was named by the French mineralogist Rene Just Hauy after the Greek words dia “through and optos “visible” referring to the way in which it can be seen to cleave in three directions inside the crystals.

Dioptase Geological Description:
Dioptase is a copper silicate mineral with a hardness of 5, its prismatic crystals terminate in rhomboidal faces. It is found in arid climates in Chile, Namibia, Russia and the USA.

Affirmation: I forgive and release all the old patterns which have held me back, and I accept with an open heart the many blessings of my life.

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