Selenite wand


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Selenite wand

As a massage therapist, this Selenite Wand will become your most trusted ally, infusing your sessions with a touch of enchantment and healing. It bridges the gap between the physical and the spiritual, elevating your craft to new heights of artistry. It acts as a conductor of positive energy, clearing away any negativity and inviting a state of pure bliss.

As you hold this ethereal wand in your hands, you’ll be captivated by its milky-white glow, as if it holds the very light of the moon. It radiates a calming energy that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to a world of serenity and balance.

Selenite Meaning

Spiritual growth, purification, meditation

Chakras: Third eye, crown

Element: Wind

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Number: 8

Selenite Healing Properties

Selenite is associated with clarity, purification, and spiritual transformation. It is believed to have a high vibrational energy that can cleanse and purify the energy field, including the aura, chakras, and surrounding environments. Selenite is often used in spiritual and energy healing practices to remove negative energy and promote a sense of calmness and serenity.

Selenite is also believed to enhance mental clarity, promote decision-making, and aid in accessing higher levels of consciousness. Many people use selenite during meditation or as a tool for spiritual growth and development.

Furthermore, selenite is known for its ability to recharge and cleanse other crystals. It is often used in crystal healing to cleanse and amplify the energy of other stones. By placing other crystals on or near a selenite charging plate or wand, it is believed that the selenite can help remove any energetic impurities or blockages and restore their optimal energy.

History and Uses

Selenite is a crystalline form of the mineral gypsum and is known for its unique physical and metaphysical properties. The word “selenite” is derived from the Greek word “selene,” which means moon, due to its moon-like glow when polished. The Greeks and Romans associated it with the moon goddess Selene and believed it could bring about mental clarity and enhance spiritual connection.

Selenite was highly regarded by the ancient Egyptians. They used it extensively in their art and architecture. The most famous example is the Great Pyramid of Giza, where selenite was used for the windows in the burial chambers. The Egyptians believed that selenite had protective and purifying properties and used it in their rituals and ceremonies.

Selenite was also used in medieval Europe for decorative purposes, such as creating ornamental objects, religious artifacts, and even windows in cathedrals. It was highly valued for its translucent and luminescent properties.

Geological Description

Selenite is a variety of the mineral gypsum, which is hydrated calcium sulphate. Gypsum is a common mineral that forms as an evaporite in sedimentary environments. It typically occurs in sedimentary rocks, particularly in marine environments where the evaporation of seawater leads to the precipitation of minerals.

Selenite is found in various parts of the world, including the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Morocco, and Australia. It can occur in a variety of geological settings, such as evaporite deposits, sedimentary basins, caves, and hot springs.


Through meditation, I open myself to higher guidance.

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