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acupuncture brisbane

Chase Away Your Pain
with Greg Robson

Safe, Skilled & Experienced 

Acupuncturist & Bodywork Therapist

Spare an hour with Greg &
explore solutions to your chronic
pain & well-being challenges

30 Years Experience

From treating & lecturing, you’re in safe hands with Greg’s wealth of experience.

1000's of Happy Clients

Join thousands of happy clients in pain-free living!

Private Health Claims

As a registered therapist, enjoy generous rebates on your treatments.


acupuncture brisbane

Extended Acupuncture

A 60-minute protocol for treating deep pain, chronic issues or weekly follow-up.

facial acupuncture brisbane

Acupuncture Reset

A 30 minute Acupuncture session for simple conditions, deep relaxation, or as a follow-up to more involved sessions.

acupuncture samford

Rejuvenation Vacation

A 60-minute Acupuncture protocol focused on Facial Rejuvenation and full body balancing treatment.

Chase Away Your Pain

About Greg Robson

Greg graduated from the USA’s oldest Japanese Massage College in 1990 and has gone on to study both Acupuncture and many forms of massage.

He has lectured in both Acupuncture and Massage therapies throughout Australia since the early 90s and has spent time with many thousands of clients chasing pain and enhancing function.

His work is very safe, deeply enjoyable (yet sometimes challenging) and gives fast, tangible results.

Greg is registered with AAHPRA (Aust. Govt) and AACMA (Australia’s largest Acupuncture Association), thus Private Health Claims are welcomed.


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