With over 13 years in the crystal world, we’ve been lucky enough to travel to some incredible corners of the globe to source the most specialised crystals specific to different regions. From Central Australia’s Kyanite to prized Larimar in the Dominican Republic. We’ve documented some of our travels to share with you so you can pretend you were there too!

At dawn on New Year’s Day, Isabelle leapt out of bed (Really, Huh?!)…and spent a few hours building a grid from a collection of spectacular Clear Quartz we had previously prepared. The Grid stayed in place for a couple of weeks while we worked on establishing a clear intention for the upcoming year. Friends and Staff even came over to meditate in the grid to align themselves with their ideal New Year Vision. Join us in the process of cleaning, charging and assembling the grid itself…a wonderfully creative process for ushering in a Happy New Year if you and your Crystals get the chance!

Join us as we travel to the Heart of Australia, to the Hart’s range near Uluru to search for the wonderful Aussie Kyanite crystals…

Larimar is one of our favourite stones (and our client’s as well!). That seemed like the perfect excuse to voyage to the only source of this stone in the world…the spectacular island in the Carribean – The Dominican Republic. Not only did we source some fantastic rough specimens, but discovered some local jewellers whose pieces now adorn our clients in Australia. A wild, romping adventure in a truly tropically magnificent part of the world. Throw the leg over the Quad bike and join us!

Join us in exploring the Red Rock “Vortexes” that exist in Sedona Arizona USA. We arrived with a shopping bag full of super high quality Lemurian Clear Quartz – cleansed in Snow, washed in Spring Water, ready to Activate. We hiked and scrambled to the tops of the peaks, and used the grids to tune in to what was happening around us at that moment in time… If you have the chance, you’ve Gotta Go!

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