What’s in my Meditation Crystal Gift Box?

  • by feeladmin
  • June 25, 2022
Best Crystals for Meditation
Best Crystals to Deepen Meditation Practice

What’s Inside?

Click on the crystal names to learn about their healing properties, geological facts & more…

This Meditation Crystal Gift Box includes our favourite crystals to aid in deepening your meditation practice.

Each of these crystals are believed to aid meditation in some respect. Selenite is thought to be one of the best crystals to further your meditation practice. However, it is also thought to acts as a cleanser for other crystals to free them from energy build up.

Allow 10 minutes a day to meditate in a quiet space where you can stay focused and undisturbed.

Hold a crystal in your hand, one at a time, to experience the connection with each individual crystal. It is best to “work” with each one by itself and get to know them individually before you decide to combine them.

However, there’s no right or wrong with crystals, your intuition is your best guide…