Moldavite Australia: Making Space for Transformation

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  • by Isabelle Robson
  • April 28, 2021
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A Tektite of Transformation…

No doubt you have heard of it by now. Moldavite in Australia has grown immensely in popularity in the last couple of years! So, we’d love to share some of our own experiences with this fascinating stone. We will outline a few tips and tricks to best maximise its effectiveness.

Moldavite Meaning

Moldavite Meanings and Healing Properties

Moldavite is believed to help allow us to open up to change and transformation. A unique tektite only found in the Czech Republic, this 15 million year old piece of space is a catalyst of change.

Moldavite pushes us out of our comfort zone. So, it helps us awaken to the difficult but necessary changes life tries to throw at us. If you are stuck or feeling a stagnation of energy in your life, this tektite is waiting for you! Now is the perfect time to begin your Moldavite journey. Learn how to harness its energy to kickstart life’s next stage.

Moldavite is a wonderful tool to clear all chakras. However, it does have a particular focus on the heart and third eye chakras. Moldavite is often used to remove blockages and clear emotional debris. It opens up wounds but helps us heal and move past situations which have held us back previously.

To read more about Moldavite’s healing properties, click here.

Moldavite Experiences

Moldavite is a piece of space so, some find it holds a very intense energy and high vibrational frequency.

Many people experience intense dreams or visions of clarity when incorporating this crystal into their meditation practices. It is believed to help us open up to changes which we would normally be inclined to shy away from. Then, it may give us the clarity and confidence to push through them. Moldavite is thought to invoke rapid spiritual evolution as it aids us in becoming more attuned to the spiritual realm. If you are looking to deepen your spiritual practice, this tektite is your go to!

In our Samford, Brisbane crystal shop we often see people drawn to Moldavite. It is a crystal (technically a tektite) which often evokes a strong reaction when one handles it. We have even seen people who aren’t “into” crystals have strong reactions such as sweating and full body chills!

Moldavite Raw Ring Brisbane
Moldavite Raw Ring

How to Meditate with Moldavite

But, how do you use Moldavite in Meditation? The key to making the most of your Moldavite meditations is keeping it cleansed and clear of energy build up. As this crystal helps to clear blockages and stagnation, it is important to cleanse your crystal and ensure it is ready to receive what you need from it. Please refer to our article How to Cleanse, Activate and Program your Crystals here. This article broadly refers to Quartz crystals however the same practices are applicable with your Moldavite.

So, after cleansing, take a moment out of your day to sit and hold it in your hands. Alternatively, lay down and place it on your third eye. Take a few deep breaths and quiet any racing thoughts. Hold your intention in mind, you can even repeat an affirmation or mantra to help solidify your intent. You may or may not feel an immediate connection, however, be patient and open to receiving its energy. Keep in mind that this meditative practice is a very personal and spiritual journey. As a result, everyone will have different experiences and feel varying levels of connection to their Moldavite. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t feel anything straight away, it is something which may build over time.

Wearing Moldavite Jewellery

Wearing Moldavite jewellery is a very effective way to feel it’s energy. Since you have the piece of jewellery very close or touching your body for elongated periods of time, it’s a wonderful way to immerse yourself in its vibration. However, you may find that you need to take it off sometimes when first starting out. Some people find it’s energy can be very intense. In spite of this, we highly recommend wearing a piece of Moldavite jewellery in order to make the most of it’s healing properties. It is a wonderful way to connect with this ancient meteorite. We find that many people like wearing this Tektite as a pendant since it is heart chakra stone. However, as this stone works with all chakras, it is still perfect as a ring or earrings. Explore our meteorite jewellery here.

Moldavite Jewellery Australia
Moldavite Jewellery

Moldavite Side Effects & “Dangers”

Some people believe that Moldavite is a “dangerous” crystal as the energy is so intense. Some have very full on experiences and drastic changes come to light in their life which they may not be ready for. This tektite is believed to bring up difficult parts of your life which you have been pushing away. However, if you are experiencing headaches, difficulty sleeping or find it too intense, it may mean that you need to start incorporating it into your life slowly. Allow your body to gradually attune to the high vibration of Moldavite. If you find that it isn’t comfortable working with this stone, try combining it with a grounding crystal such as Black Tourmaline, Garnet or Smoky Quartz. Combining these crystals into your Moldavite practice should help to make you feel more settled and adjust to the high vibrational energy slowly.

Finding Genuine Moldavite in Australia

We are very proud to be one of the few stockists selling genuine Moldavite tektites in Australia. Our Brisbane crystal shop has been open for just over 15 years, and we have consistently bought our Moldavite from one single supplier. We have deep trust in the quality and authenticity of their Moldavite which comes directly from the Czech Republic. Sourcing Moldavite Australia is increasingly difficult these days and we are very selective with our specimens and choose them individually by hand. Our supplier has recently told us that the primary Moldavite mine is now owned by the Czech government and apparently if it is mined illegally, you can be sent straight to jail!

Fake or Real? How to Spot a Genuine Moldavite

Moldavite Australia often sees pieces sold online which are created in a mould and mass produced. You will find that many pieces you spot online will share a very similar shape, form and surface texture. A genuine piece of Moldavite will be a unique one off. The key to spotting a real Moldavite is the elongated air bubbles which form inside the stone itself. These are air bubbles which are over 15 million years old! Also, fake Moldavite will often have a watery or glassy surface texture as it is near impossible to replicate the natural meteorite’s ridges and craters.

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