Campo del Cielo Meteorite

Campo Del Cielo Meteorite Meanings

Higher awareness, spiritual awakening, protection
Chakras: All
Element: Fire
Zodiac Signs:  Aries, Leo and Taurus
Number: 9

Campo Del Cielo Meteorite Healing Properties

Campo Del Cielo Meteorites are believed to provide information from other worlds, for the greater good of our planet, by connecting with higher beings and alien intelligences. This Meteorite is felt to be simultaneously uplifting, whilst keeping you firmly grounded on Earth. It’s thought to be a protective stone which balances all the chakras and strengthens the auric field. It may bring a positive energy encouraging us to remake ourselves to our brightest and best.

History and Uses

Campo Del Cielo is a Spanish translation of the name of the place where this meteorite is found in Northern Argentina. The local people believed the meteorite fell from a place in the sky they called Pigeum Nonralta. The meteorite was named Field of Sky or Heaven and they used it to make weapons and artwork. The meteorite was named Meson di Fierro, meaning the Table of Iron in 1774, when it was discovered to weigh 18 tons.

Historically, meteorites have been revered as sacred gifts from God or the Universe by many cultures. They are high vibration stones and have been used in meditation to assist in spiritual growth, enhance psychic abilities, and to connect with beings from other realms. Also, Astrologers have used these stones to give more accurate readings.

Geological Description

Campo Del Cielo Meteorite fragments are found in Argentina where it fell to earth 4,700 to 4,200 years ago. With a hardness of 5 -5.5, they are composed of an iron-nickel alloy. Also, they contain cobalt, trace elements, gallium, germanium, iridium and phosphorous. It is believed to have been one of the heaviest meteorites to ever impact our Earth. The pieces recovered to date weigh in over 100 tons.


I am firmly grounded on the Earth as I open my awareness to the stars.

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