Gemstone Jewellery Care

Gemstone Jewellery Care & Warranty

gemstone jewellery care

At Feel Crystals, we take great pride in the quality of our gemstone jewellery. All of our pieces are hand-selected from trusted suppliers who we travel all over the world to visit personally.

While we strive for our pieces to be suitable for daily wear, some crystals are more delicate and susceptible to damage than others. Read on to see how you can best ensure your piece lasts a lifetime in all its natural enduring beauty.

Gemstone Jewellery Care Guidelines

  • If regularly exposed to water or chemicals, crystals can lose their lustre, shine and structural integrity. So, avoid regular water contact with your gemstone jewellery such as showering & swimming. Some crystals can discolour or have the integral structure of the stone put at risk, especially when in contact with soaps, shampoos or other products. If you’re after an everyday wearer, we suggest a crystal in the Quartz family as they are extremely durable. 

  • Avoid contact with cleaning solutions, solvents or chemicals.

  • Its best to spray your perfume and apply moisturisers or hair spray before putting on your jewellery.

  • Remove jewellery, especially rings for tasks which can affect the longevity of your piece such as heavy cleaning, yard care, sport etc. your jewellery doesn’t like sweat or hard knocks!

  • Certain jewellery designs may use small amounts of glue to secure crystals in their setting, which may deteriorate over time with regular water contact. This risks the stone becoming loose and falling out of its setting. Accidents do happen, so we can always have it re-set for you or we may have a similar design available if the stone has been lost. Just reach out to us at and check out our warranty policy below.

Garnet Raw Pendant


Raw Garnet Pendant

Crystals to be More Cautious with:

  • Amber jewellery should be cleaned exclusively with a polishing cloth, as it is too delicate for most products.
  • Moonstone & Opal are especially known for losing their lustre in the long-term if exposed to water regularly.
  • Iron based meteorites e.g. Muonionalusta & Gibeon Meteorites shouldn’t be exposed to water as they may rust over time.
  • Raw Crystal Jewellery is often more delicate and susceptible to breakage, especially after long-term exposure to water or chemicals.

How Can I Keep My Gemstone Jewellery Looking its Best?

When you’re not wearing your crystal jewellery, keep it stored away in a jewellery box or dust free zone, preferably away from direct sunlight & dust.

Clean your gemstone jewellery with a polishing cloth or a gemstone specific jewellery cleaning solution.

Jewellery Gift Box

Silver Care

The vast majority of our jewellery is hand-crafted in .925 sterling silver jewellery. A .925 stamp can be spotted on each piece, certifying the metal.

Sterling Silver naturally tarnishes over time. However, it is easily restored with polishing solutions or silver polishing cloths. If you are using a product or solution, ensure it is suitable for use on your gemstone as well as the silver of your piece. We currently stock a gemstone safe jewellery cleaning product in-store, available on our website very soon.

Please note, some people are more susceptible to silver tarnish due to higher skin acidity. Some may not be able to wear silver as it will rapidly blacken and can be harder to restore. We have leather cords with a clasp which make a great alternative for those sensitive to silver chains. View them in our chain collection here.

Jewellery Warranty

With our 12 month warranty, we have you covered! For any manufacturing damage to the gemstone, materials or structural integrity of your piece, we will ensure you are looked after. For example, if the stone has fallen our of your piece or the setting has failed in some way, your warranty will cover this.

Our warranty does not cover any loss of items or regular wear and tear such as scratches from repeat use or breakage from dropping or knocking. If we can see that your item has been improperly used & cared for e.g. exposure to water, chemicals or has taken a hard hit, it will not be covered by the warranty. 

To make a claim, simply reach out to us via email at with images of your item and the receipt and we will happily help you.

If you encounter any issues with your piece and the purchase date falls outside of this 12 month period, don’t hesitate to still bring the piece back to us. We may be able to source something similar from our existing collection or our suppliers, and repairs can be done through our outsourced team. If we can find a resolution for your piece, we’ll always provide you with a quote before proceeding to ensure you are happy with the proposed solution. 

Rutilated Quartz Ring

Do Feel Crystals’ Gemstone Jewellery Pieces Last?

Our Brisbane Crystal Shop has been open for around 18 years now and some of our own personal jewellery pieces date back to our very first stock purchase. Many of these pieces we still wear today! Depending how often you wear them and your gemstone jewellery care, they can truly stand the test of time and be loved for many years to come.

We hope your Feel gemstone jewellery pieces endure the years and that their mystery and beauty brings much joy to your life.