Wulfenite Meanings

Keywords: Creativity, manifestation, determination, sexuality, alchemy, Earth connection

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus

Element: Fire

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Number: 7

Wulfenite Crystal Healing Properties:

Wulfenite brings inspired thoughts and ideas into being through the organizing principle of action. A stone of transformation, it helps to overcome pessimism, procrastination and self defeating attitudes, whilst encouraging determination and clarity. Wulfenite can assist the balance of sexual energy in the body and initiate the flow of kundalini energy. It stimulates inspiration and persistence, helping artists to access new ideas and bring them to completion in the physical plane. It can be used to access past lives and to recognise the nature of the soul agreements and lessons you have contracted to learn in your relationships in this present life.

Wulfenite History and Uses:

Wulfenite was first found in 1845 in  Austria and named after the  Austrian mineralogist Franz Xavier von Wulfen. (1728–1805). It is most often found as thin tabular crystals with  bright orange-red to yellow-orange colours and sometimes brown, the yellow crystals are also known as “yellow lead ore”.  Wulfenite facilitates connection with the spiritual realm whilst attuning us to the vibration of the Earth’s core which makes it useful for work with white magic. It has been used to enhance ritual and journeying work, and especially to regain the magical knowledge one may have had in other lives. It is thought to be helpful for restoring the uterus to health after childbirth or miscarriage. Wulfenite is a lead based mineral and should be used with care, it can be toxic if ingested.

Wulfenite Geological Description:

Wulfenite is a lead molybdenum oxide mineral with a hardness of 2.5 to 3. Its crystal system is tetragonal and it forms in both prismatic and squarish tabular crystals. Deposits exist in Morocco and the USA.

Affirmation: The fire of my creativity burns with great passion, as I manifest my visions and dreams.

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