How to Use Crystals in Everyday Life

best crystals for EMF & protection
  • by Isabelle Robson
  • May 27, 2021
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What is the best way to use your crystals? The age old question we always hear in store!

The answer to this is never a one size fits all approach since using crystals is such a personal experience. However, I want to use this article to cover a few different ways that you can use crystals in your everyday life to reap their benefits.

This is based on our personal 15+ years experience working with crystals and our in store exchanges with our customers.

Please keep in mind, that using crystals is a form of spiritual practice and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. Crystals are a wonderful support tool to guide you on your spiritual journey to help you reach your goals and aspirations.

How do crystals work?

Wearing Crystal Jewellery

Personally, as a jewellery lover, this is my favourite way to absorb a crystals’ energy. Wearing crystal jewellery is a fabulous way to benefit from their felt healing properties. For my fellow jewellery lovers, start by building a collection of different crystals either set in silver, in a cage or macramé.

At Feel Crystals, we prefer sterling silver, as it’s more durable to all elements and it provides such an elegant way to embrace the natural beauty of the stone. This is perfect to rotate between different styles, healing properties and to use them to help you reach different goals, whether that may be to ace an exam, feel confident in your job interview or begin the journey of emotional healing.

Wearing Crystal Jewellery Australia

We are often asked if the crystal needs to be touching your skin directly when crystals are set in silver. This often comes down to personal preference, especially as some are more sensitive to a crystals’ energy than others. However, as the crystal is so close to your body, you will still effectively absorb their energy either way.

I find that crystal beaded bracelets are a beautiful, cost effective way to carry a large range of crystals in wearable gemstone jewellery. People often stack gemstone bead bracelets to work with different combinations of colours, energies or simply aesthetics.

Crystal jewellery is such a lovely way of working with crystals as you get to carry their energy on your body for elongated periods of time. And plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to wear a beautiful piece of jewellery…?!

Gemstone Beaded Bracelets Australa
Stacked Gemstone Beaded Bracelets

Meditation with Crystals

In my own personal experience, I find this to be the most effective way to make the most of your crystals’ healing properties. Meditation has lost a lot of its prior social stigma with the rise of applications such as Headspace and Calm, there has been a major shift toward mindfulness in the mainstream. Mindfulness practices help you return to yourself and reflect inwardly. Crystals are a wonderful support in this practice.

As each crystal holds a particular healing property, to some they represent a physical totem and embodiment of our needs/goals at that time. Whichever way you look at it, crystals have been a living part of Earth for sometimes up to many millions of years. Meditation may help us to tap into their ancient knowledge and use this as support and guidance.

Meditation and Crystals

To meditate with crystals, first take a moment out of your day in a space without any distractions. Sit or lay down with your crystals in hand. Alternatively, if laying down, place them along your body, aligning them with your chakras. Focus on your breath, clear your mind of “clutter” and hold an affirmation or intention in mind. Please remember that this is much easier said than done! Meditation takes practice, patience and openness. However, many people find that they feel the crystals healing properties more profoundly this way.

Carrying Crystals

Often times, people will keep a small piece of crystal with them when they’re out and about. Some carry a tumbled stone in their pocket, bag or even their bra!

Many will keep a small piece of Citrine in their wallet to help bring in money due to its property of abundance. If you are sensitive to other people’s vibrations, try to carry a piece of Black Tourmaline with you to ward off any negativity and bad vibes.

Tumbled Stones Australia
Tumbled Stones

Crystal Water Infusions

Another great way to benefit from your crystals’ healing properties is by letting them sit in your water to infuse as you would a tea. Shungite is the number one crystal we can recommend for crystal water infusions. This unusual, high carbon content crystal from Russia, releases fullerenes into the water. When drunk, it helps to cleanse the body of toxins and aids in boosting the immune system. Check out this great book all about Shungite to learn more.

Clear Quartz is another crystal which is often used in water infusions. This crystal is known for its programmable nature, so take a moment to meditate with it first and program it with your intention then leave it in your water. If you have never done this process of cleansing and setting a crystal with intention, we go over it in depth here.

All crystal infusions can be done in a jug of water or glass but they are best left overnight or for at least a few hours before drinking.

Home Decor

This is another fun method of how to use crystals. It is also the most widely accessible for those who appreciate crystals for their beauty and are less into the spiritual side. Crystals are a wonderful gift for someone to place in their home but they are also an incredible way to fill a space with good energy.

how to use crystals
Crystals in the Home

Some will leave crystals in certain parts of their house to invite particular energies into that space. For example, a piece of Celestite placed on the bedside table is thought to ward off bad dreams and is especially useful for children. Similarly, Amethyst is great to keep next to your bed to enhance sleep and balance any emotional distress. You’ll find your animals may even respond to the soothing energies of your crystals…

Crystals and Animals
Crystals and Animals

Selenite is often kept in a meditation space or an area of tranquility. It helps to cleanse the rooms’ energy and keeps other crystals free of energy build up and debris. Please do note, that Selenite shouldn’t be washed or kept in a fountain. This is a water soluble crystal, and some polished pieces can lose their shine in contact with water!

Many people will program a Clear Quartz crystal with their intentions and place it at entry points of the home or even embed them in the foundations of a house when being built.

You can artfully design your home’s energy and aesthetic based on your choice of crystals and placement.

Crystals and Technology

There are many crystals which you can use to minimise the impacts of EMFs and EMR (electromagnetic fields & electromagnetic radiation). However, once again, Shungite takes the cake for first place among crystals when it comes to negating their harmful side effects. If you find that you get headaches and eye strain when spending too much time in front of a screen, Shungite is believed to help relieve this. The previously referenced Shungite book goes into some very interesting research surrounding the topic so I can’t recommend it enough!

Black Tourmaline is once again another great crystal to use around tech. It is a great crystal to keep on your desk to protect against EMR from technology. It will also protect against coworkers’ vibrations so that you don’t absorb any of others stress and negativity.

best crystals for EMF & protection
Best Crystals for EMF & protection

Crystal Grids

You may be wondering how to use crystals in a grid… It’s actually quite a simple and straightforward process which is often done in conjunction with a meditation practice.

Crystal grids are a wonderful way to generate high vibrational energy geared toward a particular intention. Plan your intention and design a personalised grid according to which crystals will fit your intent. For example, a grid for Peace could contain Amethyst, Kyanite and Larimar.

Try out our Insight Centre tool to help you explore which crystal will be best for you.

Crystal Grids Australia
Crystal Grid

Grids are also used to spread a chosen intent and energy over your house. Some people will place a particular type of crystal in each corner of the home. In this regard, six Clear Quartz generators are most commonly used due to their programmability. Clear Quartz is also commonly used in conjunction with other crystals to further amplify their properties. This practice applies to regular grids as well as full house grids.

Grids are believed to amplify crystal energy so, tailor your grid based on your goals. This can be a wonderfully creative and fun process working with colour, energy and different crystals, so follow your intuition and let your intent guide you!

Shop our collection of grids here.

Final Notes

There are still many ways of how to use crystals which we haven’t explored here yet. However, we will be updating this page regularly to add new methods. In the meantime, leave us a comment with your favourite method, your experiences and if there are some that we haven’t yet covered.

We hope this article has given you some guidance on how you can navigate the magical world of crystal healing. Please keep in mind that this is a very personal and spiritual practice so there is never a best approach to fit everyone.

Explore the different methods we have spoken about and see which one resonates with you most profoundly.

Most importantly, enjoy the journey and don’t forget to Feel