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Since the early days of humanity, Crystals have been treasured. Archaeological records show us clearly that humans have sought crystals as precious tokens for centuries. Not simply for their inherent aesthetic beauty, but often to be revered as tools for insights into an unknown realm. 

It is believed that each crystal holds different properties which can help us tune into our own needs and use these beautiful pieces of Earth’s creation to guide us on a spiritual journey. 

 Why do Crystals have that effect on us?

The young Bride gushes at her half carat Diamond…

Superman recharges and retreats in his Crystal Cave…

The Seer peers into a Crystal Ball to tell their fortune…

Why do we “resonate” so strongly with these precious stones?

If there is a real connection between Crystals and Humans, then how can that be explored?

It is our hope that you may be able to navigate the information provided with sensitivity, certainly not avoiding sensible, professional Health Care from your Doctor or Health Provider when facing legitimate wellness concerns, but as a Tool to build Insights into intuition – helping to navigate your inner world. It is by no means to be considered a substitute for personal advice from a Medical Professional, and makes no direct therapeutic claims.

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