Meteorite and Tektite Stones
Explore our collection of Meteorite and Tektite Stones. We stock only genuine meteorites such as real Moldavite, Tibetan Tektites, various meteorites and some beautifully handcrafted meteorite jewellery set in .925 sterling silver.

We source our meteorites and tektites from various corners of the world and travel to visit our suppliers personally. We hand pick every piece that we wish to share with our clients. We put emphasis on choosing each piece by hand as meteorites, especially Moldavite, are often manufactured and fakes get sold as genuine stones. We have been selling crystals, meteorites and more for over 13 years now and have plenty of trust in our suppliers and know how to spot a genuine meteorite!

If you don’t find what you are after in our online collection, please don’t hesitate to contact us here as our collection extends far beyond what is listed on our website.

Whether you are searching for the famed Moldavite spiritual meanings and healing properties or simply a magnificent piece of earths creation, we’ve got you covered!