Australian Gemstone Silver Jewellery
Here’s where you get excited…  There are only a handful of designers who specialise in Australian stones, and know how to set them in simple ways that make them speak wonders.  Australia is renowned for it’s Opals, Pearls and Diamonds…none of which you will find here!!

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Too specialised, too expensive, too mainstream,!!  We are into Crystal Jewellery, and simply don’t respond to expensive “Bling”. There are far more beautiful and special offerings at a fraction of the price of most traditional Gold and Diamond Jewellery.

We instead offer lovers of “All-Things-Crystal”… amazing Aussie stones such as Kyanite, Mookaite, Zebra Stone, Serpentine Stichtite and others . We are also happy to send these anywhere in the world on your behalf as a special gift from our Big Sky-Wide Ancient land.

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