Our Ultimate Guide to Caribbean Calcite: Properties, Benefits, and Uses

Caribbean Calcite Meanings
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  • April 1, 2023
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Caribbean Calcite is a mesmerising crystal adored by crystal enthusiasts for its captivating blue hues and enticing patterns. In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know from Caribbean Calcite meanings, its origins, metaphysical properties, and how to use & care for it in your daily life. Ready to dive in?

Caribbean Calcite Meanings

What is Caribbean Calcite?

While many associate this stunning natural blue crystal with the Caribbean Sea it is named after, this crystal is exclusively found in Pakistan. 

Rough Caribbean Calcite Chunk
Rough Caribbean Calcite Chunk

Geologists only recently discovered Caribbean Calcite in 2019. It is a natural crystal of calcium carbonate mineral. A combination of calcite and White and Brown aragonite gives this crystal its famous blue and white layered colouring and unique patterns.

While it is closely related to its cousin Blue Calcite, this variety of Calcite differs drastically in blue tones. In a metaphysical sense, Caribbean Calcite meanings have some overlap with those of Blue Calcite healing properties, as they both relate to the third eye, however, they each differ in many ways.

Caribbean Calcite is often found in nodules and can be polished to reveal its stunning blue and white patterns In its raw form, you can often see straight into pockets of the crystal. Some of these pockets are even lined with druzy crystals, adding extra sparkle and intrigue, if you’re lucky!

How is Caribbean Calcite Formed?

Caribbean Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral formed by the accumulation and compaction of calcareous skeletons and shells of marine organisms. It undergoes a secondary process of hydrothermal alteration, which causes the formation of blue-green and white banded patterns due to the presence of copper and other trace elements in the hot fluids that circulate through the rock.

Caribbean Calcite is a relatively soft crystal. On the Moh’s Hardness Scale, it sits at a 3 out of 10, so it’s quite a delicate stone. Stay with us and we’ll explore the best ways to care for it further on. 

Metaphysical Benefits of Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean Calcite properties are said to be very soothing. It is said by many to hold a calming and relaxing energy that may help reduce stress and anxiety. It is also believed to help with communication and self-expression, making it a great crystal to hold during times of conflict or when dealing with difficult conversations.

Caribbean Calcite meanings are also thought to encompass spiritual and emotional benefits. It is believed to help with spiritual growth and may aid in meditation and connecting with higher realms. It may also be a great support tool for emotional healing and to promote self-love and acceptance. Learn more about its healing properties here.

Caribbean Blue Calcite

Calcite’s Role in History

Calcite in general has a rich history of use in various cultures and has been prized for its unique properties and striking beauty.

The ancient Egyptians used calcite as a component in their cement and mortar, and also carved intricate statues and amulets from the gemstone. The Greeks believed that calcite had healing properties and was effective in treating skin diseases, digestive issues, and emotional imbalances. They also used calcite in their art and architecture.

Furthermore, Native American tribes used calcite in their rituals and believed that the gemstone could ward off negative energy and enhance spiritual connections. In China, calcite is used in traditional medicine to promote digestion and relieve stress.

In modern times, Calcite is used in a variety of industries, including construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. It is also used in scientific research, particularly in the field of mineralogy. The versatile uses of calcite throughout history and in various cultures highlight its importance in different aspects of human life. It’s properties and cultural significance continue to make it a popular gemstone today.

How to Care for Calcite

Caribbean Calcite is a soft stone ranking at 3 out of 10 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. As such, it should be looked after and cleaned with care. 

If your crystal gathers dust, it’s best to wipe it clean with a damp cloth. For polished pieces, it can be run under water and patted dry, however, more care should be taken with raw pieces. In its natural form, it can be more delicate and susceptible to water damage, so if you need to run it under water to remove dust, ensure that you dry it thoroughly as soon as possible. Furthermore, after prolonged water exposure, it can become more brittle upon drying.

If you are cleaning or polishing Caribbean Calcite jewellery, make sure you use a gemstone friendly polish. Check out our jewellery care article here.

Be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners, as they can damage the crystal. In our Brisbane Crystal Shop, when we remove our price tags from crystals, if the sticker has left behind a residue, we’ll often use a dab of tea tree or eucalyptus oil on a towel to softly remove the stickiness. This method is generally safe on the vast majority of crystals and is a good option if you have some stickers left behind. 

When storing your Caribbean Calcite, it’s important to protect it from sunlight, as prolonged exposure can cause the crystal to fade. So, it’s not the best windowsill crystal. Furthermore, as it is a very soft crystal, this is one that can’t be kept in a water fountain or feature! 

How to Incorporate your Crystal into your Daily Life

Caribbean Calcite Topaz Pendant
Caribbean Calcite Topaz Pendant

There are many creative ways to use Caribbean Calcite in your daily life. You can wear it as jewellery, carry it with you in a pouch, or place it in your home or office to promote a calming environment. 

When choosing Caribbean Calcite jewellery, look for pieces that speak to you and match your personal style. It’s not always easy to find it in jewellery form as it’s such a soft crystal. However, we’re lucky enough to stock a few Caribbean Calcite Pendants set in a hand-crafted .925 setting. Browse them here or visit us in our Brisbane Crystal Shop for the full range. 

Another great way to reap its benefits is to meditate with your Caribbean Calcite. Simply hold your crystal in your hand or place it on your third eye chakra. Focus on your breath and allow the calming energy of the crystal to wash over you. This crystal is a third eye and crown chakra crystal so it’s a great one to aid in your meditation practice. 

Want to learn more about using crystals in your day-to-day life? Explore our blog here.

Where to buy Caribbean Calcite

Our Samford Crystal Shop offers a wide variety of Caribbean Calcite in polished and raw specimens as well as jewellery pieces. We have a completely hand-selected range of high-quality specimens that we personally find special in some way. We stock Caribbean Calcite Towers, Caribbean Calcite Spheres, Tumbled Stones and even some completely natural chunks. If you happen to be a Brisbane local, come and visit us or browse our online range here

Otherwise, visit your local crystal shop. It’s always lovely to be able to see and feel your piece before committing. That way, you will also be able to ensure its quality and energy before bringing it home with you.

But how do I choose my Crystal?

We’re often asked in-store what the best way to choose crystals is. We strongly recommend following your intuition. While you can read and learn as much as possible about crystals, it should be a personal, introspective experience when choosing the right piece. However, don’t get too caught up in the Caribbean Calcite meanings. Oftentimes, crystals “speak” to people in different ways and you may have a different experience from someone else.

Allow yourself to focus on what you’re searching for from your piece. Be open to following where that takes you. Often, you’ll find one piece jumps out to you more than others. We find it’s also quite often the first piece people gravitate toward. Even after spending 40 minutes in-store looking at other pieces, people generally go home with their first pick! So, trust your gut, enjoy the process and don’t forget to Feel…


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