The Best Crystals for Self-Care

crystals for self care
  • by Isabelle Robson
  • July 7, 2021
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What is Self-Care and How Can Crystals Help?

There are many aspects of self-care from emotional, physical and practical, but we want to focus on how you can improve your relationship with the spiritual aspect of self care through the use of crystals.

Self care is the act of learning to prioritise yourself and the things you need to do in order to thrive in your everyday life.

After 2020, the whole world has gone through a period of transition and along with these changes, we are often left feeling lost, stressed and anxious.

We believe crystals are a great support tool when going through these emotions, and we would love to share our insights with you. Read on to explore our self care crystal recommendations to restore your balance. 

crystals for self care
Bolivian Amethyst Point

Anxiety & Stress

Stomach in a knot and difficulty sleeping? These crystals may help you release your worries…

Lepidolite is deeply relaxing and one of the most powerful stones for countering stress, worry, fear and grief. It is thought to allow us to find a strong, stable, emotional centre and prevent extreme emotional shifts. Lepidolite assists us to perceive and release past emotional trauma which we may still unconsciously be holding on to. Also, it allows us to live fully in the present moment. Lastly, it is believed to curb hyperactivity and assist with sleep disorders. So, next time you’re up at night, worry eating away at you, hold onto a piece of Lepidolite and let its soothing energy lull you back to sleep.

The more obvious choice of Amethyst is always a wonderful crystal to combat the stressors of life. Amethyst is known to facilitate meditation, so it’s a great crystal to alleviate any anxiety through your practice. Also, it helps one to identify the root causes behind behaviours and emotional patterns. Similarly, it encourages us to take responsibility for our reality so that we can be the one to consciously make necessary changes. Amethyst is also useful in helping us release negative thought patterns and harmful habits. There is a reason why this crystal is so popular, it really is the go-to for all things Stress and Sleep.

Crystals for Grounding
Smoky Quartz Cluster


Don’t lose your head. Stay connected to your root purpose with these crystals.

Smoky Quartz helps us learn to keep our feet on the ground and keep our head clear when things get overwhelming. It is a great crystal for energy clearing, so if you find yourself surrounded by negative energy, this is the stone for you. If you really need an energy cleanse, use Smoky Quartz in conjunction with a Smudge Stick to start fresh. We have some beautiful locally grown Smudge Sticks available here.

Continuing along the grounding theme, this is one of my personal favourites. Black Tourmaline is a great crystal to ground you when you’re feeling restless. This crystal is known for its strong protective properties and its believed stress combating abilities. It is also a great crystal to keep next to your computer as it protects from electromagnetic energy.

Best Crystals for Love
Rose Quartz Heart

Unconditional Love

Above all, love. Bring the energy of love into your life. 

Enrich your meditation practice with the stone of Love: Rose Quartz. This is a great crystal for self-love and to boost self-esteem. It is calming for the mind; assisting us to release worry, fear and past emotional trauma. Similarly, it allows us to be more open to receiving and sharing love, compassion and kindness.

For anyone into crystals, most will have started with Rose Quartz. Why not take it a step further and bring Morganite or Kunzite into your practice? These are both crystals of Divine Love. Think of them as Rose Quartz on steroids or the big siblings to their more popular baby sister.

The less obvious choice of Labradorite is thought to assist with the manifestation of serendipity and synchronicity. It shows us the wonderful opportunities that arise when we are in harmony with all our aspects, both mundane and spiritual. Try to incorporate this crystal into your meditation practice and focus on bringing unconditional love into harmony with your being. This is one of the many wonderful crystals for self-care, especially with a focus on love energy.

Larimar Slice
Larimar Slice


Do you have difficulty expressing your mind openly or connecting deeply with those you love? Give these crystals a try…

This Covid period of uncertainty has forced us to spend a lot of time in isolation. As a result, sometimes it can make us feel more alone than we actually are. Learning to communicate openly with the ones we love is definitely a skill. Larimar aids us with this. This is one of the best crystals for self-care as it fosters our connections with others and ourself. Similarly, it is thought to assist us to communicate our emotions and boundaries to others. Also, it helps to give us the strength and emotional stability to speak from the heart. This stone is believed to be a powerful emotional cleanser and healer. Similarly, it can be useful for phobias, panic attacks, stress related imbalances, excessive anger and fear. This crystal is only found in the Dominican Republic, a small island in the Caribbean.

Blue Topaz is also a great crystal to help us communicate freely and openly. Blue Topaz is thought to reflect the energy of the mind and knowledge. Also, it gently facilitates the communication of visions and knowledge to others. Similarly, it stimulates our ability to learn and to think through complex concepts and ideas. Lastly, it also helps calm the mind for meditation and is soothing to the emotional body.

Kyanite for Meditation
Kyanite Raw Crystals


Sit still and clear your mind. It’s easier said than done, we know. Try these crystals for support.

Sometimes, all we need is to take a moment out of our day to sit and look inward. Try to quieten the mind and let go of the outside world. Focus on your breath and if you so wish, hold one of the crystals recommended below. Meditation is one of the best forms of self-care are it forces you to be alone with yourself, without distraction.

The ultimate crystal for meditation is Selenite. This crystal is a spiritual activator and facilitates communication with the higher self. Furthermore, it is thought to help us get in touch with our angel and spirit guides. Many find that Selenite has a soothing and calming energy. As such, this is a fabulous crystal to keep in your meditation space, bedroom or even living area.

Kyanite is one of our favourites at Feel Crystals. It is a wonderful tool to support meditation as it helps us to connect with higher realms, nature and most of all ourselves. Also, it is thought to be a great crystal to help resolve emotional blockages both within yourself and interpersonally.

Final Notes

If you’ve made it this far, we hope that you have found some value in this guide. These crystals should offer some support and peace. It is our hope that they help you focus on looking after yourself while the world continues its usual bustle around us. If you ever have any questions or want further guidance on how to use your crystals, feel free to get in touch here or shoot us a message on Facebook. Also, if you have any personal best crystals for self-care, leave us a comment below. We always love to see what works for others too.

As always, working with crystals is a very personal, intuitive and spiritual practice. So, make sure you are listening to your inner voice and follow your own intuition. Above all, make sure to slow down, breathe and Feel.

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