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  • March 7, 2023
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Introduction to Crystal Pendulums

When was the last time you felt lost or stuck on your path? Have you ever turned to an alternative means of insight rather than pestering your partner or best friend? Sometimes the best answers come from within. 

Many Ancient cultures were found to turn to their pendulums to support their spiritual and healing practices or even to delve further into the unknown with divination and fortune-telling. 

These ancient tools have a long-standing history of accessing intuitive or psychic energy within ourselves.

Amazonite Pendulum
Amazonite Pendulum

So, how can we bring these magical ancient tools into our modern world to best guide us? 

These mesmerising suspended objects are felt to swing back and forth or in circles, respective to the user, in resonance with energy. They are thought to help one receive answers, spiritual insight and guidance from the Universe. 

While pendulums may be crafted from various different materials, as a crystal shop with 16 years of heritage, we’re definitely biased in saying that crystal or gemstone pendulums are the best! Not only does the pendulum do its work, but you may also reap the added benefits of your chosen crystals. 

While you may know the basics of how to use a pendulum, have you ever taken a moment to delve in further to truly get to know your divination tool? Here’s your chance! 

But First, Some Background

Let’s start at the very beginning. Historically, crystal pendulums have been used by various cultures, including Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Chinese. They were believed to have been used in dowsing and shamanic rituals to connect with the spiritual realm. In the Middle Ages, they were even adopted by European alchemists to guide their decisions. However, it doesn’t stop there. Pendulums were also prevalent in Ayurvedic healing and other Eastern spiritual practices such as Feng Shui. 

So, with such a rich history, you must have come across a pendulum by now… Right? 

Today, many use pendulums to inform their healing practices or to help them choose which crystal may be the best fit for their needs. They are a great means to help us get out of our heads and allow us to be guided by intuition.

So, let’s delve in further. 

Selecting the Right Crystal Pendulum

It’s important to find the right pendulum that resonates with you and that is made from the type of crystal best suited to your intentions. Crystals are felt by many to hold different healing, protective and energetic properties which can aid in the accuracy of your readings and the manifestation of your goals.

Personally, I find myself always drawn to Clear Quartz, for the sheer fact that it’s an amplifier. Did you know that Clear Quartz has even been used in the needles of record players to help amplify the sound? As such, in a metaphysical sense, I find that it helps to magnify my intentions and I am able to program it with my needs. 

Clear Quartz Merkaba Pendulum
Clear Quartz Merkaba Pendulum

The shape and weight of your pendulums are also important. This can affect its movement, so it should be chosen with care. Most commonly, pendulums have an elongated shape ending in a point however, some people enjoy exploring using sacred geometric shapes such as this Clear Quartz Merkaba Pendulum (also available in Amethyst). Merkabas are thought to radiate energy with more intensity. Furthermore, some pendulums hold a combination of two or more crystals which can be quite powerful and relevant to the user’s needs.

The string or chain attached to the pendulum should also be chosen for its strength, and flexibility to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the pendulum’s natural movement. At Feel Crystals, all of our pendulums come with a silver plated chain and setting, to ensure your piece has a long life. 

Preparing and Cleansing Your Crystal Pendulum

Before using your crystal pendulum, it’s important to prepare and cleanse it to ensure it is ready to receive energy. This can be done through various methods such as visualisation, sound, saltwater or smudging

Smudge Stick
Smudge Stick for Crystal Cleansing

Additionally, energetically charging your crystal pendulum can further help to make it more accurate and tuned into your energy. This can be done by exposing the pendulum to sunlight or moonlight, charging it with a crystal or using visualization. After cleansing and charging your pendulum, it is ready for use.

If you’re ready to delve into the various forms to cleanse, activate and program your crystals for use, explore our blog here

How to Use a Pendulum

So, you may be wondering how a crystal pendulum works. Using a crystal pendulum requires focus and intention and as with all things metaphysical, this isn’t an exact science. As you are inviting an energetic connection, it can be approached as a form of meditation. As such, it should be done in a quiet, retreat space.

Often, people ask if you need a crystal pendulum and board in order for it to be most effective. However, personally, I don’t find that this is a necessity.

So, before diving in and asking a question, it’s important to clear your mind of any preconceptions and be open to the answers you may receive. 

Determining Your “Yes” & “No”

First of all, it’s important to determine which direction is “yes” and “no”. For different people, the same pendulum may swing in different directions. For example, “yes” and “no” may be back and forth respectively or it may turn in a circle clockwise and anti-clockwise for the opposite answer. Personally, I find that I like to determine my “yes” and “no” before each individual session, as the directions may change. 

So, hold the crystal pendulum in your dominant hand and hover the pendulum over your other hand with the palm facing upward. To determine your “yes” and “no”, simply ask the pendulum “Which way is Yes?” and see where the pendulum swings in time. Repeat the same process and you should have your response. 

crystal pendulums brisbane
How to hold your Pendulum

Next, I find that I like to test the “yes” and “no” by asking the pendulum a question I already know the response. It can be something as simple as “is today Tuesday?”.

Now, you may wish to say your question out loud, or simply hold it in your mind with clarity. As this is such a reflective and inward process, the question doesn’t particularly have to be spoken out loud. Do what feels best for you. 

Once you have finalised the preparation of your pendulum, the real fun is ready to begin. 

What are you seeking to have clarified? Formulate your clear and concise “yes” or “no” question, and hold this clearly in your mind or speak it vocally. Retain the same position with the pendulum in your dominant hand, hovering over the palm of your other hand. 

Once your question is clear, your pendulum should start to move in a specific pattern in response to your question. You may find that it moves more intensely or subdued in response to certain questions. Many use this to interpret the significance of the response.

Remember, when using a crystal pendulum, it is important to work slowly and to remain patient for the most accurate readings. 

Why Should I Use a Crystal Pendulum?

Using a crystal pendulum can be a powerful tool for gaining insight and guidance on a wide variety of topics. You may benefit from using a crystal pendulum by receiving inner guidance on decisions, unveiling hidden truths, and gaining clarity on difficult situations. 

But what can you actually use it for? Perhaps you may want guidance on choosing the best day for an event, going deeper in your meditations, manifesting or picking the best cards for your readings. 

How to use crystal pendulums
Amethyst and Herkimer Diamond Pendulum

Pendulums & Crystal Healing

How about when it comes to your crystals though? Your pendulum may be able to guide you on which crystal is the best fit for your needs. You may hover your pendulum over a crystal and ask “is this the right crystal for me to achieve (insert your goal)”. 

Furthermore, your pendulum may be able to guide you on which crystal is the best fit to help you unblock a particular chakra or which is most relevant to support your chosen chakra needs. In crystal healing, a pendulum is often used to identify the energy field of its user and chart the energy patterns of chakras. 

Have you ever found yourself in your local crystal shop and simply cannot choose between two crystals? In our Brisbane crystal shop, we often encourage people to reach for their gemstone pendulum (or borrow one of ours) to help guide their choice… 

You never know when it may come in handy!

However, when using your crystal pendulum, it’s important to remain mindful and practice with patience and focus. As with anything, it does get easier over time and you will find what works best for you.

As with your crystals, remember to regularly charge and cleanse your crystal pendulum as this should help promote the most accurate readings. 

If you ever get stuck in your practice, feel free to reach out to us! Visit us in our Samford Crystal Shop to chat with one of our crystal experts or we’re always available via email at

Need to hunt down a crystal pendulum in Australia? Check out our full collection either online here or in-store.

We hope this blog has left you feeling inspired and ready to explore the powerful energy of crystal pendulums. May you receive clarity, guidance and insight with this beautiful mindful practice… 

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