Handmade Gemstone and Crystal Rings
One of the joys of wearing Crystal Rings is the ability to really explore your Stone as it is easily visible to you. It makes for a great distraction to stare at something truly beautiful and captivating!

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Pendants and earrings are a pleasure to wear but often you don’t see them! Crystals worn on your hands invite your gaze and your touch.

It’s a great way to bond with and experiment with these special stones (and of course, they can be flaunted!!).

Some rings in our collection are intentionally simple by design. High quality stones set in a classic style design. Elegant everyday rings that easily become favourites.

Others follow the trend of larger statement pieces. Generous slices of Gemstones, or complete crystals set in Sterling Silver that simply must be noticed! Take a risk and flaunt a unique statement crystal ring.

They often invite comment, and when teamed up with a matching Pendant or Earrings create a powerful expression that is totally of your design.

Please visit our Guide to discovering your Ring Size. Most rings can be re-sized a size or two for a nominal cost of around $30 AUD with your local manufacturing jeweller. This is dependant on the style, setting and jeweller’s costs. Small plastic sleeves can also be purchased to take up a half to full size, which are easily removed, and unnoticeable when the ring is worn. Best, however, to know your correct size and buy a ring that is already a close fit for you. Consider also the notion of wearing a ring on a finger that may be unfamiliar to you. Try something new!  If you need to be sure of your ring size, please drop into our Gallery if in Brisbane where we can measure you with calibrated bands and record your sizes for you.

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