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Larimar Thick Slice
  • by Kimberly Gillikin
  • March 16, 2022
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A stone of the ocean with mysteries as deep as the mesmerising Caribbean it hails from. Larimar is said to teach us to connect with the water element, as such coaching us to let go, release and embrace the flow of life. In a time where balance and flexibility is paramount, this crystal can remind us to run with the current and hold true under the waterfall that is life!

Larimar Polished Slab
Larimar Polished Slab

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Folk tales have long told of a blue stone which would be discovered with the knowledge of an ancient world. It was told it would harbour amazing healing properties and bring forth the wisdom of Atlantis. (Style, 2022) Also referred to as the Dolphin Stone and the “Lucky” Stone. It’s easy to understand how its mesmerising blue hues can ignite the imagination and inspire such mysticism surrounding it. 

Larimar Specimen
Larimar Specimen

Why is Larimar So Special?

The very first specimen of this Larimar crystal was found in 1916. It was washed up on the beach on the island of Hispaniola. Originally, it was believed to have come from the sea. However, eventually it was traced back to a deposit in the mountain ranges of Bahoruco above Barahona in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

In 1974, it was rediscovered by Norman Rilling, a member of the U.S. Peace Corps and a Dominican Miguel Méndez. It was from this day forth, that this crystal was recognised more widely.

The fortunate Méndez, who discovered this incredibly rare pectolite, quaintly named it after his daughter Lari (Larissa) and Mar (Sea) by combining the two together (Larimar Stone, 2022).

Larimar Ring
Larimar Ring

This crystal is one of the rarest known crystals in the world, as it is exclusively found in this small area, which we have been lucky enough to personally visit. We have made a few trips to the Dominican Republic and had the joy of exploring Larimar crystals and Larimar jewellery directly from the source while hand picking our vast collection.

The pride of the Dominincan people emanates when they present their native stone. As the Bahoruco ranges are quite removed, small mining villages surround the mining areas. There are only 26 functioning mines on this Caribbean island, with some going as deep as 500 meters in search of a Larimar vein.

Larimar Thick Slice
Larimar Slice

Our first trip to the Dominican Republic was in 2012, where we made a world class iMovie, truly representative of the time. While a touch outdated (!), it has some great footage of the idyllic island and the locals we met while seeing their marvellous stock. Be transported back to 2012 and watch it here.

Larimar Healing Properties

Metaphysically, Larimar has been known to open the way for clear communication and emotional strength. Similarly, it may provide you with courage when you need to express yourself from the heart. Also, it is believed to aid clearing unhealthy attachments, not only from other people but also within yourself. It is thought to help you severe bonds to old principles and ideals that are no longer serving your higher self.

You may also find that it is a wonderful talisman to use in gaining a greater understanding of oneself and abilities. It is commonly used as a tool to assist with protecting and enhancing ones voice. This crystal is hailed for its serene, soothing energy. Due to its harmonious nature, it can be used in conjunction with almost all other crystals (Simmons, 2021).

Our Larimar Collection

We are very proud of our extensive collection of both Larimar Jewelry and Larimar specimens. All of our jewellery has been hand crafted in .925 sterling silver and as well as our crystals, each piece is hand selected by our small Feel team.

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