New Jade

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New Jade Meanings

Access to the spiritual history of the Earth, connection with Nature, Kundalini awakening

Chakras: All

Element: Earth

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Scorpio

Number: 8

New Jade Crystal Healing Properties

New jade is also known as Serpentine. It is thought to assist to soothe the emotional body, and releases fear of change and hardship. As such, it is thought to help us to look to the future with a positive outlook.

It is believed to contain the history of the Earth, the fairy domains and the Devic realms of the planet. It helps us to connect with the heart and mind of Nature. It is believed to help regulate cellular regeneration and replenish energy. It has been traditionally used for Kundalini activation and clearing blocked energy centres.

History and Uses

Serpentine, also known as New Jade, derives its name from the Latin word serpentis meaning snake-like referring to the resemblance these green stones have to snakeskin. This stone was used by the Romans to protect them from sorcery and was believed to protect against parasites, snakebite, venom and poison.

Geological Description

New Jade is a magnesium silicate mineral with a hardness from 2.2 to 5. It occurs in dense masses or fibrous forms. Its colour can vary from yellow to dark green and is widely found around the world including Great Britain, South Africa, Brazil and the USA.


I commit myself to manifesting the Divine potential that resides in the cells of my physical body and the vibrational pattern of my energy body, and I offer my service to the healing and evolution of the Earth.

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