Ruby Fuchsite

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Ruby Fuchsite Meanings

Well being, healing, psychic awareness

Chakras: Base, Heart

Elements: Earth, water

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Number: 4

Ruby Fuchsite Crystal Healing Properties

Ruby Fuchsite is thought to help heal the heart, removing any blockages to loving energies. It may help open you up to psychic awareness, the realms of spirit and the natural world. It amplifies and enhances the properties of other crystals and is thought to promote physical healing for those recovering from an illness.

History and Uses

While this stone carries the properties of both Ruby for vitality and Fuchsite for self-worth, in combination it also has its own metaphysical properties. It can vary in colour with the Fuchsite being white, emerald green to blue-green and the Ruby being shades of red or pink.

Geological Description

This crystal belongs to the Muscovite and Corundum families. It is a Potassium Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide Fluoride with Ruby, Aluminum Oxide inclusions. It is found in Brazil, India, Pakistan and the USA.


I am grounded in the present moment and open to receiving abundance and joy.

Polished Ruby Fuchsite HeartPolished Ruby Fuchsite Heart
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Genuine Ruby Fuchsite HeartGenuine Ruby Fuchsite Heart
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Semi-Polished Ruby Fuchsite SpecimenSemi-Polished Ruby Fuchsite Specimen
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Genuine Ruby Fuchsite SphereGenuine Ruby Fuchsite Sphere
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