Rutilated Quartz

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Rutilated Quartz Meanings

Programmable for attunement, amplification, mental clarity, expanding awareness,  manifestation

Chakras: All

Element: Storm

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Taurus, Gemini

Number: 4

Rutilated Quartz Crystal Healing Properties

Rutilated Quartz is believed to ground light energy into the physical body and activate the higher mind. Rutiles of red-brown are thought to assist in removing blockages to health and abundance. Meanwhile, gold rutile is believed to activate one’s creativity and can aid in receiving Divine inspiration. Lastly, silver rutile is thought to enhance intuitive abilities. All colours of Rutile inclusion will help to increase clarity and concentration. These are the perfect crystals to program with your intention. The metallic Rutile inclusions act to amplify the energy of the Quartz.

History and Uses

This crystal has also been referred to as Angel Hair Quartz because the inclusions of titanium oxide look like strands of hair. Rutilated Quartz can be found in the form of Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz and less commonly Amethyst. It is believed that the inclusions of Rutile act as a type of spiritual antenna and so it is often used in meditation to connect with spirit guides, expand consciousness and develop psychic abilities.

Geological Description

Rutilated quartz is a type of quartz crystal that contains needle-like inclusions of the mineral rutile. These inclusions create unique patterns and formations within the quartz, giving it a distinctive appearance. The word “rutilated” comes from the term “rutile,” referring to the mineral inclusions.

The rutile inclusions in rutilated quartz can vary in colour, typically appearing as golden, reddish-brown, or black threads or needles. These inclusions can be sparse or dense, and their distribution throughout the quartz can create a variety of patterns, from scattered lines to dense webs or even star-like formations.

It has a hardness of 7 and is mostly found in Brazil and Madagascar.


My positive intentions and life purpose gracefully align with the Divine, accelerating their unfolding.

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