Are Raw or Polished Crystals Best?

Are Raw or Polished Crystals Best?
  • by Isabelle Robson
  • June 11, 2021
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We are often asked if raw or natural crystals are more powerful than polished. Today we settle the debate.

Are Raw or Polished Crystals Best?

Many people find that crystals are most powerful in their natural form. Some find there is more charm when they haven’t been tampered with by human’s manufactured polishing. However, polished crystals still have their own special energy and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Some find that polished crystals are enhanced when manufactured into particular shapes such as merkabasheartspyramids and spheres etc. Crystals formed into sacred geometric shapes often amplify their energy and help us to connect with a higher vibration. Polished crystals are also much easier to carry with you or hold in meditation.

Also, they can be shaped into beautiful forms and shapes which can make a great gift for people who are less “into” crystals. In store, we often see people gifting polished crystal hearts or crystal angels to loved ones. 

Polished Crystals Caribbean Calcite

However, some believe that a raw crystal, as it has been taken from the ground in its natural state, has a stronger energy. This can be helpful for when someone needs a strong energetic push or “breakthrough”. This is when clusters or large statement pieces can be beneficial as they emanate a consistent energy in one location of your home.

The thing about crystals is, in the end, whether they are polished or natural, they still have the same mineral make up. They will still hold the same energy and healing properties. So, the most important thing is that you follow your intuition when choosing which form suits you best.

Meditation and Crystals

So, are raw or polished crystals best?

A pro tip when deliberating which form is best for you, try a polished and raw form of the same crystal. Alternate meditating with each of them. Try to carry a small piece in each form with you or switch sleeping with each of them under your pillow at night. You may eventually begin to feel which one resonates stronger with you.

After all, crystals are a personal journey which we encourage you to Feel.

If you’re searching to grow your collection, our crystal gift boxes are a great place to start experimenting with both polished and raw crystals. 

They offer you a range of crystals aimed to fulfill a certain desired intention such as relaxation, abundance, protection & more. 

If you wish to try the aforementioned method of working with both a polished & raw piece of the same stone, the Relax, Love, Focus & Meditation Crystal Boxes all contain both a raw and polished piece of the same crystal. 

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