Stichtite Serpentine

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Stichtite Serpentine Meanings

Access to spiritual history of the Earth, connection with Atlantis, Kundalini awakening

Chakras: All

Elements: Earth, Wind

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Scorpio, Virgo

Number: 8

Stichtite Serpentine Crystal Healing Properties

This rare combination of minerals carries the properties of both Serpentine and Stichtite.

Serpentine is believed to assist in soothing the emotional body, while releasing fear of change and hardship. As such, it helps us look to the future with a positive mindset and openness. Furthermore, it is thought to contain the history of the Earth, the fairy domains and the Devic realms of the planet. Also, it is felt to help us connect with the heart and mind of Nature. Traditionally, this stone has been used for Kundalini activation and to clear blocked energy centres.

Soothing Stichtite is felt to emanate the vibration of love and forgiveness. As a result, it promotes compassion, unity and cooperation. This crystal is believed to offer protection from negativity by generating a bubble of light energy to shield the wearer.

Meditation with Stichtite Serpentine is thought to help us access skills and knowledge from a past life in Atlantis in order to complete a purpose from then in this lifetime.

History and Uses

This Australian stone is sometimes called Tasmanite or Atlantisite. It is a combination of yellowy green Serpentine and purple Stichtite. Atlantisite is a trade name coined by Gerald Pauley for the high grade gem quality form, used in jewellery. This beautiful stone has been found relatively recently and only occurs at Stichtite Hill, a small hilltop in Zeehan, Tasmania, where it is exclusively mined. In contrast, Serpentine is more widely found as a single mineral and is commonly found in South Africa, Canada and Australia.

Geological Description

Serpentine Stichtite is a magnesium chromium carbonate and silicate mineral with a hardness from 2.2 to 5.


I embrace my life challenges with joy and optimism.

Serpentine Tumbled Stones
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