Prasiolite Drop Earrings


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Prasiolite Drop Earrings

Indulge in a harmonious fusion of style and wellness with our Prasiolite Drop Earrings. Cradled within a silver setting, these earrings showcase round faceted prasiolite gemstones, each a radiant source of transformation and healing.

As they dangle gracefully, feel the gentle sway of these green wonders, channeling the soothing energies of prasiolite that are said to open the heart, release negativity, and restore balance. With every glance, let the shimmering hues remind you of nature’s calming embrace and empower your journey to both elegance and well-being.”

Prasiolite Meanings

Spiritual Growth, Healing, Connection to Nature, Clarity and Calm

Chakras: Heart, crown, third eye, solar plexus

Element: Earth

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Scorpio

Number: 4

Prasiolite Meaning

Prasiolite is often associated with spiritual growth, transformation, and healing. Its green color is thought to resonate with the heart chakra, promoting emotional balance and helping to release negative energy.

The green color of prasiolite is reminiscent of nature and the natural world. It is believed to foster a deeper connection to the Earth and its energies, promoting a sense of harmony and grounding.

Prasiolite is thought to bring clarity of thought and a sense of calmness to the mind. It may help alleviate stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm.

History and Uses

Prasiolite is also called Vermarine, Lime Citrine, Green Quartz or Green Amethyst. It was named after the Greek words “prason” meaning leek and “lithos meaning stone. Natural Prasiolite is rare and since 1950, almost all has come from small Montezuma deposits in Minas Gerais, Brazil but it is also found in Lower Silesia in Poland and Thunder Bay in Canada. It is found in shades of yellow green to deeper green, some types of Amethyst and yellow Quartz can be heated in kilns to 500 degrees Celsius to produce Prasiolite.

Geological Description

Prasiolite is a member of the quartz family, a silicon dioxide crystal with a hardness of 7. It starts out as a purple amethyst and its colour is changed by heat. Prasiolite is found in Brazil and Arizona, USA.


I open my heart to release and radiate love and balance into every aspect of my life

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