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Angelite Meanings

Angelic communication, gentle self-expression, serenity, expanded awareness

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Element: Wind

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Number: 1

Angelite Crystal Healing Properties

Angelite is thought to be a soothing meditation tool that may assist when needing to connect with the guidance of angels and spiritually aligned beings. It has been known to calm energy, allowing us to communicate in a clear, concise and balanced way, especially when diplomacy is required. It may also be beneficial when needing to overcome fears and unlock blockages within our lives. Similarly, Angelite is thought to provide energetic support to the throat and thymus gland. It is also believed to rejuvenate ill or depleted areas of the body and has been known to aid in weight loss.

History and Uses

Angelite can be found in a range of colours including colourless, white, bluish white, violet, dark grey. It was first found in Peru in 1987 and is a very soft stone, so should not be placed in water, worn in the shower or swimming.

Geological Description

Angelite is a calcium sulphate mineral with an orthorhombic crystal system and a hardness of 3.5. It is a form of blue Anhydrite found in Peru.


I am always surrounded by love and benevolence, and I harken to the inner promptings of my angelic companions.

Angelite PendulumAngelite Pendulum
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