Pink Amethyst

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Pink Amethyst Meanings

Compassion, emotional balance

Chakras: Heart, Crown

Element: Wind

Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn

Birthstone: February

Number: 8

Pink Amethyst Healing Properties

Pink Amethyst exudes a soothing, spiritually protective energy fostering unconditional Divine love. Working with Pink Amethyst brings peace of mind and feelings of self empowerment as it opens our  hearts to compassion and a higher awareness. It supports shedding feelings of inadequacy, enabling self-love and care, allowing our most joyful and positive self to shine through.

History and Uses

Pink Amethyst is a relatively rare and recent discovery in the crystal world. It has been used to promote peaceful sleep, calming the mind and banishing nightmares. Its comforting energy can also be helpful to those who are transitioning into the afterlife and those who are grieving or heartbroken. It encourages a positive self image, forgiveness and a non judgemental attitude.

Geological Description

This crystal is part of the Quartz family with a trigonal crystal system and a hardness of 7. Its pink colour comes from trace amounts of iron and/or manganese. It is found in the Rio Grande do Sul region of  Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Paraguay and the USA.


I surround to the energy of love to find inner peace

Pink Amethyst Heart with standPink Amethyst Heart with stand
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Brazilian Pink Amethyst SphereBrazilian Pink Amethyst Sphere
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Pink Amethyst Cluster - UruguayPink Amethyst Cluster - Uruguay
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