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Apophyllite Meanings

Inter-dimensional awareness

Chakras: Crown, third eye

Elements: Wind, Earth

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra

Number: 4

Apophyllite Healing Properties

Clear Apophyllite is believed to be an excellent tool for increasing one’s inner vision and psychic ability. It has been known to be an excellent communication device for contacting spiritual guides and for receiving direction from the Higher Self. Apophyllite is also a wonderful crystal to use in healing rooms and altars. Similarly, it is a highly mentally active stone and may assist with focus. It may also help one to understand spiritual lessons and to process spiritual information.

History and Uses

The name Apophyllite comes from the Greek apophylliso, “it flakes off”, ‘Apo’, meaning ‘to get’ and ‘Phyllazein’ meaning ‘leaf’, a reference to the way the mineral separates into flakes or layers when heated. It can be found in colours of white, green, yellow, violet and clear/colourless.
It is believed to help dispel the dark night of the soul and may assist in returning to one’s spiritual path after disillusionment or difficulty.

Geological Description

Apophyllite is a hydrated potassium calcium silicate mineral with a tetragonal crystal system and a hardness of 5. Most specimens on the market are from India.


I am a clear channel for receiving and sharing Divine guidance.

Apophyllite SpecimenApophyllite Specimen
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Clear Apophyllite SpecimenClear Apophyllite Specimen
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Apophyllite ClusterApophyllite Cluster
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Apophyllite ClusterApophyllite Cluster
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