Septarian Nodule Meanings

Keywords: self worth, overcoming shyness, patience

Chakras: All

Element: Earth

Zodiac Signs:Taurus

Number: 66

Septarian Nodule Crystal Healing Properties:

This stone is gently grounding, helping us to stay focused and appreciate our self worth. It promotes feelings of patience, tolerance and confidence when faced with a crisis. For people who work in public environments a Septarian Nodule will provide a shield, to avoid being swayed by other people’s vibrations and influences.

Septarian Nodule History and Uses:
Septarian Nodules are also called Dragon Stones, Septaria and Septeyre. They derive their name from the Latin words septum meaning seven and saeptum meaning wall or enclosure. This refers to the way in which the stone was formed. The ancient mud balls cracked in seven directions and the brown Aragonite in each acts as a dividing wall between the Calcite and Limestone.

They have been traditionally used to transmit energy in earth healing practices. When placed by or under the bed they are reputed to ease night terrors and muscle twitches. Great for public speaking, they bring us a calm confidence, improve our communication style and help keep the audience engaged. Energetic healers use these stones to give insight into the root cause of an issue.

Septarian Nodule Geological Description:
Septarian Nodules are composed of Calcite (yellow), Aragonite (brown) and Limestone (grey). They were formed 50 to 70 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. Volcanic sediment and decomposing sea life rolled by the currents on the sea floor to form grey mud balls. When the sea receded these balls were exposed and became dried, cracked and hollow in the sun. Sometime later when the sea level rose again the minerals in the water deposited Calcite and Aragonite crystals into the cavities.

They have a hardness of 3.5 to 4 and are found in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, Spain, and England.

Affirmation: I am confident